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Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are known for their muscular bodies, egg-shaped heads and outgoing, clownish personalities. They love being part of the family but need confidant owners. Find out more about Bull Terriers here.

Bull Terrier Personality
Paw Print Bullet Despite the Bull Terrier’s English origins as a fighting dog, the Bully is a cheerful, fun-loving comedian of a companion
Paw Print Bullet Clownish, humorous and happy to pull a good prank the Bull Terrier is still a strong-willed, powerful dog that must be watched around other dogs
Paw Print Bullet Exceptional chewers who fancy anything from soda cans to expensive shoes
Paw Print Bullet A Bull Terrier won the prestigious Westminster 2006 Best in Show Award

Bull Terrier Size
Paw Print Bullet 52-62lbs
Paw Print Bullet 18-24 inches at the withers (shoulders)

Bull Terrier Family & Home
Paw Print Bullet A wonderful family dog when guided by a strong, confident owner
Paw Print Bullet Boisterous young Bullies are not a suitable match for young children – they don’t take well to being teased, can be food possessive and are generally too rough for children
Paw Print Bullet Bullies can be both miserable and terribly destructive if left alone for long periods of time
Paw Print Bullet Owners should be experienced and not intimidated by stubborn, strong-willed breeds

Bull Terrier Bark
Paw Print Bullet A protective dog with a throaty, medium-pitched bark

Bull Terrier Training
Paw Print Bullet Bullies are slightly difficult to train; a steady, firm positive approach will yield the best results
Paw Print Bullet As Bullies were originally a fighting dog they must be properly socialized and trained early on to prevent aggression with other dogs

Bull Terrier Exercise
Paw Print Bullet While this energetic breed needs lots of exercise he is also content to retire on a couch as well
Paw Print Bullet A tough dog who will not relent to aggressors – owners should always be on alert when exercising a Bully off-leash

Bull Terrier Coat
Paw Print Bullet The short-haired coat is white with or without brindle, black, red or tri-color markings
Paw Print Bullet Daily/weekly brushing with a glove or bristle brush

Bull Terrier Care
Paw Print Bullet Jolly Bull Terriers are far from their past as fighting dogs but given their history they must be properly trained and handled to prevent any mishaps with other dogs

Bull Terrier Health
Paw Print Bullet Possible medical problems could include kidney disease, heart defects, knee dislocation and skin problems
Paw Print Bullet Bullies can suffer from deafness, particularly all white Bullies (the same problem is common in their cousin the American Pit Bull Terrier)

Bull Terrier Lifespan
Paw Print Bullet 11-13 years

Bull Terrier Club The Bull Terrier Club of America has a Rescue Support Committee where you can find out how to adopt a Bully.

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