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Chinese Crested

Chinese CrestedThis loving, doting toy dog comes in the Powderpuff and Hairless varieties, the latter often winning the coveted title of World’s Ugliest Dog!

The unique Chinese Crested hails from China well over 3,000 years ago; however, this breed was more than likely brought to China from its origins in Africa.


  • Loving, doting and active
  • Relatively fragile and somewhat shy; will do well with exercise, encouragement and a calm, loving environment
  • Do not bark a lot, although some do enjoy singing, or rather screeching, in their own special way


  • 8-13 pounds
  • 10-13 inches at the withers (shoulders)


  • An excellent companion and lap dog at heart, but also active and inquisitive
  • Likes nothing more than to be included in family activities
  • More at ease with older children who have proper dog etiquette
  • Great for urban living given their moderate exercise needs, small size and easy-going demeanor
  • Need a few daily walks to stay fit as well as plenty of indoor play, which they will expect or rather demand


  • Reputation for being difficult to housetrain; however, with consistent and repetitive training, they will get the hang of it
  • Some Cresteds do have a stubborn streak and will need extra steady, reward-based training
  • Harsh methods (shock collars, shouting, etc.) only damage the Crested psyche; patience and positive reinforcement are the best routes


  • The Hairless literally has no fur on its soft body, with patches and long tufts of hair on its head, paws or tail, ranging in color from flesh tone to black
  • The Powderpuff has a double coat that is extremely soft and silky to the touch; colors range from gray to tan to white, with markings of another color
  • While the Hairless needs minimal brushing on their hairy patches, the Powderpuff requires brushing and combing three to four times per week to prevent matting and tangling
  • The Hairless needs extra care in terms of their skin; applying baby sunscreen will prevent sunburn, and bathing two to three times per week with an extra gentle soap or shampoo will prevent skin allergies and acne
  • In cold temperatures the Hairless needs a dog sweater or coat to keep warm


  • The Hairless are prone to skin allergies as well as sunburn
  • Both breeds usually have dental problems and tend to be lacking a full set of teeth
  • Both breeds can be inclined to eye problems, dislocated kneecaps and autoimmune diseases


  • 13-15 years


  • To foster, adopt or just give a little help to Chinese Cresteds in need, visit Crest Care

PHOTO: Abrahami

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