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English Springer Spaniel

English Springer SpanielNot a breed to be called a couch potato, the English Springer Spaniel is a high-energy dog with a hunting background. This happy and friendly dog is great with children.

Hailing from England where the popular Spaniel was a falconer assistant, hunter and gundog since the beginning of the 18th century, the Springer has become a popular domestic pet with its merry disposition and fondness of children. Today the Springer is still used as a hunting assistant and expertly flushes and retrieves game, second to none.


  • Extremely energetic
  • Happy, non-aggressive, friendly, sensitive, sociable and full of limitless energy


  • 48-53 pounds
  • 18-22 inches at the withers (shoulder)


  • This high-energy breed is the exact opposite of a couch potato
  • Excellent with children but too lively for the elderly
  • Need time and attention; not well suited for a household that is too busy or chaotic


  • Keen to learn and eager to please; respond best to lively, motivated training sessions
  • Puppies can be both exasperating and destructive, so it is best to start training early on
  • Pet birds and Springers do not mix, given the Springers natural hunting instinct of fowl


  • Tireless; need plenty of exercise to be content
  • Need several long walks every day, regardless of the weather; ideally should be taken for two hour-long walks per day, along with off-leash play in a dog run or secured park
  • Love playing fetch with tennis balls or other retrievable items


  • The soft, smooth coat can be liver and white, black, white or either, with some tan markings
  • Often fall into one of two categories: field-bred or show-bred. The first is a hunting type with a coarser, wiry coat and the latter a more domestic, refined dog with a silkier, softer coat
  • Daily brushing and combing will keep the coat silky and unmatted
  • Professional grooming three to four times a year will keep them clean and shining


  • Springers are inclined to develop red tear stains under their eyes; prevent this by using a pet wipe
  • Long ears have a tendency to pick up mud, leaves or goop; a daily combing will keep them looking clean


  • Extremely healthy and rugged
  • Like most long-eared breeds, they can be susceptible to ear infections
  • Can be prone to the rare fusosidosis, a disease of the nervous system


  • 10-14 years


PHOTO: Heinz Höfling

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