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June 26th is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

dog_laptop_sml1Can it get any better than this?  Friday, June 26th is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and if your company doesn’t know about it, you need to go ahead and tell them right now!  Take Your Dog to Work Day started in 1999 to promote the adoptions of homeless dogs and to celebrate the special bonds that people have with their beloved pets.  Presented by BringPetsHome.org, the day will spotlight the many pups in need at shelters and rescues, bringing to light the truly incredible experience of adopting a dog and becoming a pet-parent.


Fortunately as an intern at i Love Dogs Inc., I get to bring my girl Lucy to the office with me on “Dog Friendly Fridays.”  In fact, since I started on a Friday earlier this summer, Lucy came with me to my very first day on the job!  Most people might think that it would be too nerve-racking to have your pup with you on your first day, but Lucy has such a warm, mellow presence that she actually calmed my nerves down!  Lucy is an easy-going basset hound, and she just couldn’t be any sweeter.  She loved all the attention she was getting and even greeted visitors at the door.  She is always reminding me to be as cool as a cucumber, just like her.  That’s why I am so happy to see that Take Your Dog to Work Day benefits rescue dogs just like Lucy.  I hope that the event will cause a flurry of adoptions to take place, so rescue dogs like Lucy are able to find loving homes. 

To get your company involved in the ten-year-long tradition of celebrating our furry friends, it’s as easy as spreading the word around!  Let your coworkers and employer know about the day and refer them to the website: http://www.takeyourdog.com/index.php.  

Here are some helpful tips to get you and your pooch ready for the big day:

  • Firstly, make sure that your pup is well-behaved enough not to make your coworkers uncomfortable.  This means that he or she should be able to respond to basic commands like “sit” and “stay” and should be well groomed and flea-free.
  • Make sure you have some familiar items on hand to help ease your dog into the new space—a few toys (not the noisy ones though), a bed, or a blanket would be great.
  • Clear your area of toxins like ink, toner, and cleaning supplies.  Also rid your area of small items that your dog might choke on.
  • Prevent any aggressive confrontations–make sure your pup is socialized to get along well with other dogs and humans.
  • Make sure your dog won’t spread fleas to the other dogs!  Like you—she should be well groomed before entering the office.
  • Take your dog for a good walk before you start your day together so any pent up energy is released in a positive way.  Also let your pooch out for several brief walks and potty breaks.
  • It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway: always clean up after your dog.

Now go spread the word!  We promise it will make a day at the office go by much faster.  And don’t forget to tell us your successful office-dog stories here!

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