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i Love Dogs Rescue Spotlight: Karma Rescue

Earlier this summer, i Love Dogs donated $2 million worth of premium vitamins and supplements to local dog rescues and adoption organizations.  At i Love Dogs, we know that rescues are often run entirely on donations, and are so impressed with their work with the abandoned and abused dogs right in our own backyard.  The people behind these rescues are, very simply, angels within the dog lover community.  Here is a profile on one of the organizations we have had the good fortune of getting to know and help through our donation.

Karma Rescue

karmaRande Levine founded Karma Rescue in 2003 after volunteering for another rescue and sensing the great need for dog rescue organizations. As a long-time dog lover and enthusiast, volunteering at a rescue taught Rande “how many animals are out there that never make it out of the shelters.”  In an interview with Rande, she explained to us her motivation for beginning her own rescue organization, “I wanted to help save as many dogs as possible. I know rescues are so impacted so I started Karma Rescue to give more animals a chance to get out from the shelters and into homes.”  With all of her experience with abandoned and stray pups, Rande explained that at Karma Rescue they are “huge supporters” of spaying and neutering our four-legged-friends.

Karma’s main source of dog rescues are the “high-kill” shelters in the Los Angeles area.  “High-kill” is a scary term for dog-lovers to hear, but it is important for us to be educated on what is affecting our four-legged-friends.  She explained that shelter pups “have a certain amount of time to be adopted out. If they are not, then the shelters will euthanize them. Some shelters are more impacted than others, so we try to pull as many from the over-crowded shelters as we can.”  Dogs are euthanized are based on “time and space and if a dog is ill or aggressive.”  It is heart-breaking to think that these poor pups are being put down through no fault of their own.

karma-2If you look at all the adorable pictures on the Karma Rescue website, you will see that it is a large breed rescue.  We asked Rande about what kind of breeds she encounters most frequently at Karma Rescue, to which she replied “right now the shelters are 83% full of pit bulls.”

If the pit bull breed makes you nervous, all you have to do is take a look at the heart warming “Tails of Success” described on Karma Rescue’s website to see that these dogs are every bit as sweet and loving as other pups.  There is really no such thing as a bad dog–only dogs that have experienced a hard life and become hard because of it.  That isn’t the case for most dogs though, even pit bulls.  One successful adoption story from Karma Rescue involves an abused pittie named Gracie, who was taken into a shelter after being hurt and abandoned.  When Karma Rescue took in Gracie, her skin was severely burned, probably by her previous owners. With proper care, it healed up nicely.  Eventually Gracie’s loving face and friendly demeanor attracted her adoptive family to take her in.  Even though Gracie suffered terrible abuse, she is a sweet, happy and loving dog.  We are thrilled to know that Gracie is enjoying her new life, and spending her days at the beach with her adoptive family.

karma-fosterIf adopting a pup isn’t an option for you right now, there are plenty of other ways that you can help Karma Rescue’s effort to saving these sweet dogs.  If you are local, you can volunteer at their Saturday adoption events at Kirby’s Pet Depot.  If you would like to help out with a pooch throughout the week, and try to promote his adoption, you can participate in the rescue’s Gaurdian Angel Program.  Of course you can also go the traditional route and become a foster pet parent and open up your home to one of the loving dogs.

If you are not in the Los Angeles area but you would like to help the dogs under the care of Karma Rescue, you can contribute by making a donation to aid the recovery and adoptions of abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs across the Los Angeles area.  Karma Rescue is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, meaning that they run completely off of charitable donations.

i Love Dogs is thrilled to have been able to support Karma Rescue, and we hope that all of you will take steps to support your local rescues in whatever way you can.

Have you had a great adoption experience from a local rescue that we should know about? Tell us about it here.

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