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Preventing Canine Cancer

Holistic treatment is all about prevention. If we take a minute to think about all of the chemicals many of us use in our homes, it’s easy to see how dramatically we may be adding to the toxic overload of our beloved dogs’ immune systems.

The following is a short list of things I made sure were not in my dog, Buttons’ environment. Removing these toxins from our home helped us stopped the cancer she was diagnosed with at age 8. By keeping her safe from these items, she lived to be a vibrant 19 years of age.

A Quick & Easy Home Toxin Checklist

  • toxin1Pet or human bedding or cloth toys washed in non natural laundry detergent or non natural fabric softener
  • Pet or human bedding or cloth toys dried in chemical-laden dryer sheets
  • Monthly flea products
  • Chemical lawn fertilizer
  • Non-natural rug and floor cleaners
  • Secondhand cigarette smoke
  • Plastic food or water bowls
  • Most plug-in or spray air fresheners and non-naturally scented candles
  • Negatively focused, dramatically-inclined people (Don’t laugh — or, actually, do! Animals are highly sensitive and tend to act as emotional shunts for the people they love and are devoted to.)

Are you using any of these things around your dog? Do you have any other home toxins to add to the list?

Watch for my next post here on the i Love Dogs blog, “Non-Toxic Replacements.”

bw_dr1Contributed by Nadine M. Rosin, author, speaker, holistic pet care advocate http://www.TheHealingArtOfPetParenthood.com
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