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Catie Copley: Canine Ambassador

catie-copley-fairmont-hotelYou might sense a recurring theme in most of our summer blog posts, and that theme might sound something like this: travel, dogs, travel and dogs, travel with dogs. Call us one-track-minded, but it is a topic that we pet-parents are increasingly concerned with and interested in. Why? Well, just because there is a noticably increasing popularity in pet-friendly services and activities, and with that, more and more opportunities for us be with a furry friend, no matter where we go. Surprisingly, some hotels are even providing “Canine Ambassadors” for dog-lovers to befriend during their stay, proving that you just can’t overlook that special bond with the four-legged members of our families.

Just take a look at Catie Copley, the canine ambassador for the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston. The Fairmont Copley Plaza already boasts some pretty dog friendly policies, welcoming tall and small pups alike at only $25 a night (guide dogs are exempt of this charge). But for those leaving their furry friends behind with a trusty sitter, it is quite a treat to to now have the option of bonding with this delightful girl. 

catie-copleys-great-escape-cover1Catie isn’t your average pooch. She is a canine jack-of-all-trades at the hotel, serving as a greeter, walking and running companion, community outreach ambassador, and children’s book star. Catie is a black labrador and has been trained as a guide dog. Because she is such an athletic breed, Catie is an eager and agile walking or running companion for the pet-parent guests who are traveling solo during their stay in beautiful Boston. Her best talent is to put a smiling face on all the hotel guests–a perfect greeter for the weary travelers arriving at the Fairmont Plaza’s font desk. Catie’s newest children’s book Catie Copley’s Great Escape, illustrated by Jared Williams, is pictured at the left. Catie is super kid-friendly; she loves to attend readings of her book at local elementary schools and libraries. Catie is such a popular and valued employee–she has her own email and even a Facebook page, check it out to learn more!

Catie isn’t the Fairmont‘s only canine ambassador. The hotel chain recognizes the importance of our canine compaions and offers several canine ambassadors to befriend. Canine ambassadors are stationed up north at the The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, and south at the Fairmont Acapulco Princess in Mexico. In Acapulco there are two golden retriever ambassadors–Chunki and Kimi–who serve as front desk greeters and cheerful walkers through the soft, snowy-white resort sand. So regardless of which dog is “stationed” at your hotel, be ready for some canine playtime. Chances are, you will be getting some puppy love whether or not you are able to bring your pup with on on vacation this summer.

Do you know of any amazing dogs like Catie and her fellow ambassadors? Bark at us about it here! Otherwise, happy travels, dog lovers!

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Clive, thank you for sharing your adventures with Murray! We are very happy to learn about another way that dogs connect their humans to the community and increase a sense of well-being.(see “Dogs Can Keep Owners Fit,” http://www.ilovedogs.com/?p=246). We look forward to the stories and pictures sure to appear on your blog about your trip to Boston.


Greetings from Clive! I'm an Assistance Dog for children with autism trained by Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind in Ireland. I work with Murray - a 10 year boy who is autistic. To read about our adventures and to see the impact having an assistance dog has made to Murray's life - check out my blog http://assistdogautism.blogspot.com/ - up until three years ago Murray found it really hard to leave the house and holidays were very difficult. This week he is going to Boston with his family - staying in the Fairmont Copley because of Catie (of course) and we found your blog really useful with lots of information on Catie. Thank you so much. With kind regards Clive and family