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In-Home Replacements: Helping Prevent Canine Cancer

As promised, here’s the list of what I feel are safer alternatives–ones that I personally have used–to some of the toxins many of us unknowingly have in our homes. When choosing to reduce our pet’s exposure to toxic products in our homes, we are taking a proactive, holistic approach: addressing the possible causes of cancer rather than treating or suppressing the symptoms.

Note: Some alternatives are safe for dogs, but unsafe, even deadly for cats and birds. If you have a multi-species home, please check out the impact of certain items on your pooch’s avian or feline companion before using any of the things I personally chose to use around my dog.


  • imagesNon polluting, natural laundry detergent without petro chemicals, phosphates, formaldehyde, or alcohol-based scent (personally, I like Trader Joe’s liquid laundry detergent which is plant-based and scented with lavender oil).
  • I also use Trader Joe’s lavender-filled dryer bags instead of chemical-laden dryer sheets.

Flea Prevention

Here is some great info on alternatives to monthly flea products. There are many effective options. Each dog is different, so please do your own experimentation to see what works best for you and your furry friend.

Simply put, here are some wonderful non-toxic flea repellants:

  1. Cedar chips in pet bedding and outdoors
  2. Diatomaceous earth on baseboards (available online)
  3. Nematodes for the yard (available online)
  4. Combination of powdered Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Fennel, Yellow Dock, Wormwood and Rue (all available individually online or at most independent co-ops or health food stores) put in a shaker can and rubbed into dog’s fur (Note: Some herbs are toxic to cats)
  5. Combination of Citronella, Eucalyptus, Cedar, Citrus, and Lavender oils rubbed on hands and then rubbed on dog’s ears, belly, etc. (Note: Some oils are toxic to cats)

Lawn & Plant Fertilizer

A simple Google search of “organic non toxic lawn fertilizer” will give you many safe, affordable alternatives. Remember–Fido absorbs everything he’s walking on through his paws.

Food & Water

Glass or stainless steel bowls for food and water are, in my opinion, much safer than ceramic or plastic bowls which can leach chemicals into their contents. But be careful not to place a glass bowl anywhere in sunlight where it could possibly start a fire!

Air Fresheners

This should be a no-brainer. Read the labels–why inhale all those chemicals? Here are some safe, non-toxic ways to make your house smell wonderful.

  • images-2Boil some lemons on the stove (you can then use the cooled liquid to kill fleas on your dog!) or some oranges, cloves and cinnamon.
  • Get some 100% pure essential oils and make your own scented potpourri with cloth bags and “oiled” cotton balls.
  • Buy some naturally-scented, non lead wick candles at Whole Foods, or purchase an aromatherapy diffuser (they even make plug-in models!), which will also enhance the mood of everyone in your home instead of exposing them to potentially harmful chemicals.

images-4The Finishing Touch

Finally, replace negatively-focused, dramatically inclined people! :-) Our dogs are more in touch with the energy around them than we often realize. Surrounding them with joyful people will help them stay happy and healthy, and will feel great for you, too!

Your Experience

Have you replaced anything in your home with something natural that’s not included on this list? Leave a comment to tell us about it so others can benefit, too!

bw_dr1Contributed by Nadine M. Rosin, author, speaker, holistic pet care advocate
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