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Pus-Like Fluid Discharge From My Dog’s Penis

Smiling Pit Bull mixI have a 4-year-old Pit Bull mix named Kratos. Recently, I noticed that there is a pus-like fluid coming from his penis. Sometimes the fluid is green and thick.

I have been cleaning the area with water and peroxide twice a day, but it doesn’t seem to help. I believe it is some kind of infection.

What is your opinion?

– Virginia, Costa Mesa, Calif.

Hi Virginia,

Believe it or not, this kind of green discharge from the prepuce (foreskin) of male dogs can actually be a normal finding called smegma. It is much more common in intact males, and neutering will decrease the amount of smegma produced.

It can, however, be caused by an infection, especially if it is excessive or in a neutered male dog. Sometimes a piece of grass or another foreign body gets into the sheath that covers the penis, causing an infection. If that happens, your veterinarian will have to remove the foreign body or the infection will keep returning.

Dogs with skin allergies sometimes have an abnormality in their mucous production, which causes excessive smegma production. When the skin allergies are treated, the smegma usually resolves as well.

These infections are often treated topically by flushing the prepuce and applying a topical antibiotic into the sheath. However, your veterinarian will probably also want to check the urine to make sure the infection has not traveled farther up into your dog’s urinary system, which would require an oral antibiotic treatment.

– Dr. Hoag

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