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Could My Senior Beagle’s Excessive Urination Mean Cushing’s?

My 11-year-old Beagle, Gretchen, had to have three of her teeth extracted due to a teeth cleaning gone bad. She has been on Clavamox for two weeks. But now she is having issues, including urinating almost every hour and drinking excessive amounts of water.

Could this have been caused by the antibiotics? She had a fatty tumor removed about six weeks ago and her bloodwork showed she had elevated levels of glucose, but then she was checked again and the results were normal. Should I have her checked for Cushing’s disease?

– Pamela, Virginia

Dear Pamela,

Excessive drinking and urination are not side effects of this particular antibiotic, so I think it is less likely to be the medication. The diseases or conditions that can cause these symptoms are numerous and include: kidney disease (such as an infection in the kidneys or kidney failure), liver disease, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, other hormonal diseases (such as Addison’s disease, thyroid disease), and some infections (such as pyometra, an infection in the uterus of unspayed female dogs).

I would start by having a routine blood and urine test performed on Gretchen to rule out the many possible causes for her symptoms. Cushing’s disease is relatively common but the testing can be extensive and expensive. Usually an initial blood test is recommended to look for an elevation in a blood marker (alkaline phosphatase) that could indicate Cushing’s disease. If indicated on the initial blood test, further testing can then be performed.

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