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Is My Chihuahua in Heat?

I have a 4-year-old female Chihuahua mix and a male Chihuahua mix. When my female dog urinates the male will lick it and then jerk his chin. Does this mean my female dog is coming into heat?


Hi Shaylan,

Thank you for your question regarding your male dog’s behavior pertaining to your female dog’s urine. First of all, is your female Chihuahua intact (not spayed)? If she is spayed then she should not be coming into heat (unless there is retained ovarian tissue).

Your male dog’s behavior is something I have seen many dogs do and it does not necessarily mean that your female dog is coming into heat. The male dog is just trying to spread the scent of her urine and pheromones across his olfactory glands to maximize the experience. This is totally normal behavior from your male!

PHOTO: guardianchihuahuas.com

Dr. Mahaney

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