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Meet “Less-Adoptable” (But More Lovable) Casey!

September 19-25 is Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week, a week dedicated to spotlighting those pets that are most often overlooked in shelters. It’s all about getting people to take a second glance, and give a second chance, to those pets whose only crime is being a little older, the “wrong” color, or otherwise “less adoptable.” But these pups have just as much love to give.

Meet Casey, a less-adoptable pet from Pawtectors, an animal rescue in Chesire, Conn. i Love Dogs is featuring this small, 8-month-old Boxer/Labrador Retriever mix today because she’s a victim of the “Black Dog Syndrome” – she’s considered less adoptable because of her dark fur.

Casey is energetic, fun loving, affectionate and up for any kind of play. She loves to play with other dogs and get her paws wet swimming. Casey would do best in a very active home, preferably with a fenced-in yard and another energetic, playful dog to make furiends with.

If you have a place in your home and heart for sweet Casey, please contact PAWTECTORS via email. Or to help us get the word out that Casey’s looking for a furever home, please click the retweet button at the top of this page to link to this story on your Twitter account, or post a link on your Facebook page.

To help Casey and other “less-adoptable” dogs find homes this week, iLoveDogs will be tweeting about them on Twitter and featuring them on our Facebook page. We’re taking up the Be the Change for Pets challenge and spreading the word about the many great adoptable dogs who sit in shelters for weeks, months and sometimes years, waiting for their forever home – while the cute and cuddly puppies get adopted right away. 

So who are these “less-adoptable” pets? According to a survey of Petfinder member shelters and rescues, the hardest-to-adopt pets are senior or older pets, those with health problems (even minor ones), victims of breed prejudice (like Pit Bulls), shy pets, and black- or brindle-furred pets. So the next time you or a friend are looking to adopt, please give these pets a second chance.

The last Be the Change for Pets Challenge raised over 50,000 pounds of pet food and supplies for pets in need. Now let’s all get together and raise the bar for less-adoptable pets!

Amelia LeRutte

Amelia Lerutte is a public relations and social media expert, and a pack leader to a couple derpy Boston Terriers, a lovable Leonburger and a Keeshound. When not writing or promoting the i Love Dogs brand, Amelia is an avid NHL fan, ice hockey player and video gamer.

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The Dog Park   


What a cutie pie! Can't believe people actually overlook dogs because of their black fur. Casey looks so sweet!


He is adorable and who cares if he's black. I hope his furever home comes along really soon.