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Team i Love Dogs Raising Food for WorldHeart Foundation

The i Love Dogs team has been very supportive of the Pet Postcard Project, a terrific program that raises money and food for shelter animals. We were so impressed by it we’ve written about the project and currently donate prizes to winners.

Now we’re very excited to announce our actual participation in the Pet Postcard Project—introducing Team i Love Dogs! The staffers of i Love Dogs are all animal advocates in real life and are thrilled at the opportunity to help get some cool dogs some food as they wait for their forever homes. Our personal pets are the official spokesdogs and spokescats for the months of September and October and we’ve selected our friends at the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation to be the beneficiary.

Here’s how it works: If we can get 500 postcards sent in over the months of September and October, then the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation will receive 500 pounds of Rachel Ray Nutrish Premium Dog Food. That’s a lot of food for animals in need!

We’re excited to work toward getting this great rescue some food but we need your help. Please make a “postcard” featuring your pet’s photo with a caption, which should be confessional, philosophical, advice, a wish, insightful and so on. Not only will you help benefit animals in need, you can win a prize from the Pet Postcard Project!

Click here to read the contest rules and find out about the categories so you can win something cool.

And here’s Pet Postcard Project’s founder, Nikki Moustaki, talking a little bit about how the contest works.

Oh, and please write on the back of your postcards that you’re with Team i Love Dogs so everything is credited to the right campaign—we just want to make sure your efforts help benefit WorldHeart!

Send postcards to:

The Pet Postcard Project

676A Ninth Ave. #321

New York, NY 10036

 Meet the i Love Dogs spokesdogs and spokescats for Pet Postcard Project’s September and October Nutrish campaign.
Team Captain

Shelby is a 3-year-old Lab/Pit Bull mix who loves tummy rubs, road trips, digging holes at the beach, peanut butter, chasing squirrels, and, well, tummy rubs. She picked her family in 2008 after being adopted and re-surrendered to a shelter. She is very excited to support the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, which helps get doggies like her out of high-kill shelters and into loving homes so they can get lots of tummy rubs, too. (i Love Dogs mom: Martha Smith)

The Crew

Diesel is a 7-month-old Pit Bull/GSD mix who is the silliest dog in the world. He loves balls, snuggles, chasing his 5-year-old human brother around the house, eating crickets, and gnawing on everything he can get his mouth on. His family found him at 3 months old in the quarantine ward of a shelter, where he was being hidden to avoid euthanasia. Now that he knows what a real home is like, he can’t wait to help raise food for LBWF rescue dogs so they can find homes, too. (i Love Dogs mom: Martha Smith)
Irie Belle (aka “I Rebel”) is a 1-year-old, bilingual Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix adopted from the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter. She’s itty-bitty but has some mighty legs. She’s a tough terrier packed into a compact Chihuahuense body. Irie’s a Jackahuahua and a Xena-like force of nature when she runs. Besides passing the time chomping on her stuffed rat Nimh, she loves to bug her mami and papi. She’ll then snuggle up to show them she really does actually care about them, even if they are humans. (i Love Dogs mom: Linda Chavez)
Cody is a 4-year old Pomeranian, who came to me at 1-1/2 years old. He’s on a continual socialization program, getting better slowly but surely. Cody is a happy, toy-obsessed little play monster, who slowly warms up to people….especially if they play tug with his favorite toy! (i Love Dogs mom: Eugenia Vogel)
Spencer is a 10-year-old British Shorthair who loves treats, catnip toys and patrolling the house to make sure everything is OK. He’s a regal and dignified kitty who also has a small mischievous streak—he enjoys singing opera at 4 a.m. and chewing plastic, despite his parents’ objections. In honor of his British heritage, he was named Spencer after Princess Diana (maiden name: Lady Diana Spencer) and he likes the idea of carrying on the Princess’s generosity and charity work by helping homeless animals. (i Love Dogs mom: Elisa Jordan)
Roscoe, sometimes “Coe” to his friends, came right off the Southern California streets. He was a scrappy, rough-and-tumble kitten who needed a loving home. He went through a couple places within just a few days before finding his forever family, where he’s been ever since. Now 10 years old, he’s grown into a 23-pound dude who often hears “That’s the biggest cat I’ve ever seen!” when he’s introduced to humans. He likes his mom and “brother” Spencer OK, but is really attached to his dad. He’s excited to help animals like him get a second (or third) chance. (i Love Dogs mom: Elisa Jordan)


Ella Mae Brown was adopted from the Downey shelter in March. The 8-month-old pup adores her buddy Leroy and torments him relentlessly (but he loves it). The rest of the time she loves chomping on chew toys, chasing squirrels, snuggling and giving sweet puppy kisses. (i Love Dogs mom: Laura Goldman)
Leroy Brown from the Carson Pound was adopted in October 2007. This “Terribull” snorts like a pig when he’s happy, which is most of the time. He loves his gal pawl Ella and his chew toys (a little too much). Check out Leroy’s blogs on http://www.tj.la/author/leroy/! (i Love Dogs mom: Laura Goldman)
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