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A Truly Blessed Pup

Last year, we wrote about a church that allows dogs in its house of worship. But a recent dog “christening” might top that news.

A Shih Tzu puppy named Sheridan was “christened” earlier this month in a UK church. His six godparents teared up during the lavish ceremony.

Sheridan was treated like a prince that day. He was chauffeur-driven to the church in a Jaguar, and after the ceremony he was taken to a hotel where 75 guests toasted pink champagne to his health.

According to the Telegraph UK, the pup himself was treated to melon followed by “butterfly chicken and a sherry trifle” for dessert. An official photographer was on hand to preserve the the event for posterity. The extravagant day cost more than $1,500, which will likely spark both anger from traditionalists and joy from dog lovers.

Sheridan’s pet parent Russell Smith, a former wedding planner, wanted the church blessing and naming ceremony to reflect his devotion to his new dog. He wanted no expense to be spared.

“It cost me more than [$1,500] but it was worth every penny,” said Smith, 49. “We decked the church in flowers. Sheridan wore a silk shawl I had specially made for him. It was a beautiful cold, clear morning, [and] bells were ringing in the church … I cried my heart out. It was a very emotional service. The vicar, who is a big dog lover and has Bearded Collies of his own, was fantastic.”

While vicars have been known to bless pets, farm equipment and even laptop computers, Sheridan’s blessing ceremony is believed to be among the most lavish ever staged. Smith picked three godmothers and three godfathers to watch over Sheridan, who enjoyed a special makeover that day so he could look his best. Smith’s other dog, Smartie, another Shih Tzu, was beside him at the church in the village of Lazonby in Cumbria.

“I just wanted him officially mine,” said Smith, who traveled with Sheridan and the vicar to a nearby hotel. This was due to the refusal of the local vicar, the Reverend David Fowler, to actually christen Sheridan in the church ceremony.

Would you christen your pup? Tell us what you think in the Comments area below.

PHOTO: telegraph.co.uk

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