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Help! How Do I Cure My Dog’s Skin Condition?

Hi there,

My dog has this black fungus-like color to his skin. I went to the vet, and they gave him some medicine to help relieve the itching and scratching. But as soon as I ran out of the medicine, it came back.

My question is, what is the fungus and could it be from something in my home? The previous vet said it was a fungus, but didn’t say what kind. Any input would be amazing!

– Cody

Hi Cody,

Thank you for your question.

There are a variety of skin conditions that can appear as you describe. Such conditions could be caused by a fungal agent (yeast, etc.), bacteria or parasite. Chronic or recurrent conditions may be due to underlying illnesses, such as allergic skin disease (caused by food, environment, other allergies, etc.), endocrine conditions (hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, etc.) or other conditions that can affect your pet’s immune system.

Did your vet do any diagnostics to determine that your pet has a “fungus?” If not, I would request your vet do the appropriate diagnostics to determine what is going on with your dog’s skin (skin impression smear, scraping, etc., including a biopsy, if needed) and recommend the best treatment.

There may be a veterinary dermatologist in your area that can lend an additional perspective, if needed.

Good luck,
Dr. Mahaney

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Dr. Mahaney

Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA has a thriving veterinary practice in Los Angeles. His clients respond favorably to his combination of Eastern and Western medicine, including acupuncture. In addition to making house calls, Mahaney makes himself available via social media outlets such as his blog and Twitter. He is dog dad to i Love Dogs canine ambassador Cardiff.

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