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Surf Dog Ricochet Turns Hero Votes Over to War Dog Target

Congratulations to pawsome Surf Dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog, who was honored with being one of the top 5 finalists for USA TODAY’s Most Heroic Dog of 2010.

But Ricochet did not want your votes. Along with Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, who also made the top 5, she asked people to vote for her fellow finalist, Target, the war dog who was mistakenly euthanized in an Arizona shelter.

Through their respective dog moms Judy Fridino and Dayna Hilton, Ricochet and Sparkles asked people “to turn their votes for them into voices by helping with their fundraiser for Target’s cause, Target’s Bunker, a no-kill shelter founded by Target’s family,” according to a press release.

Today USA TODAY announced that Target has been named the Most Heroic Dog of 2010.

Animal lovers around the world were shocked last November when Target, who had saved the lives of dozens of soldiers in Afghanistan, escaped from her backyard and was put to sleep by a shelter worker who confused her with her kennelmate Destiny, who was scheduled to be euthanized. (Destiny has been adopted by a Guardians of Rescue member and will become a poster pup for a proposed “Target’s Law” calling for stronger euthanization standards and extended hold times for dogs in municipal shelters.)

Target’s dog dad Sgt. Terry Young and his wife, Melissa, are planning to build “Target’s Bunker, a Safe Haven for All Animals” to prevent similar tragedies from happening. According to the proposed shelter’s mission statement, “Target is now the star shining light on a very large problem in animal shelters. Every day animals are accidentally or erroneously put to death and Target’s Bunker will fight to end this. In her life, Target helped save the lives of many soldiers in Afghanistan; in her death, she will continue to be the hero everyone remembers by saving the lives of many animals. ”  

Ricochet and Sparkles’ “Target’s Bunker Campaign” raised more than $1,000 in just two days. As of today, nearly $1,290 has been raised.

“I thought it was amazing they’d do that,” Young told USA TODAY. “We’re really very grateful. We’re just getting started on this mission to make sure no other animals are euthanized. Every little contribution helps.”

You can contribute by visiting the Target’s Bunker Campaign page on Surf Dog Ricochet’s website.

PHOTO: surfdogricochet.com

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