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Surf Dog Ricochet Fundraises for Reality Rally

Over the past year, Surf Dog Ricochet has raised more than $70,000 for charity. This month, she’s been challenged to raise more money than TV reality stars for the breast cancer fundraiser, “Reality Rally.”

Gillian Larsen, a former contestant on the reality show, “Survivor Gabon,” created the foundation after being voted off on the second episode. She spent her five remaining weeks in the jungle creating what would become a premier reality star fundraiser.

Reality Rally is a three-day event being held April 15-17 in Temecula, Calif. The intent is to raise funds for Michelle’s Place, a non-profit resource center in Murrieta, Calif., where women can go for help on coping with the challenges of breast cancer. Michelle’s Place was started 10 years ago to fulfill a 26-year-old daughter’s dying wish: To provide a haven and support center for those battling breast cancer.

When Ricochet heard there was fundraising involved, she contacted Larsen and asked if she could help. An immediate alliance was formed. As Larsen learned of Ricochet’s philanthropic successes, she challenged the stars from 36 different reality shows, including “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” and “Big Brother,” to raise more money than a dog! Ricochet was very excited to take on the challenge while helping women with breast cancer.

In the past few weeks,Ricochet has raised $3,323, leaving the reality stars in her wake. The next highest fundraiser is Larsen herself at $1,035.  But the competitive nature of the other reality stars has kicked in, and social media is burning up with the challenge. Numerous threads are popping up, asking for support from their family, friends and fans all over the world.

Since no good deed goes undone, there is a reward for this challenge. Anyone raising over $1,000 wins a hot-air balloon adventure with Grape Escape Hot Air Tours. Ricochet and Larsen are donating their reward to help someone’s spirits soar as they go through the arduous treatment for breast cancer, so women can contact Michelle’s Place to enter a drawing for the balloon ride. 

Of course, the real winners of this challenge will be all the women with breast cancer who benefit from Michelle’s Place.

Please help keep Ricochet in the lead while blowing the rest of the reality stars out of the water. To make a donation, visit Ricochet’s website.

PHOTO: Dale Porter

Amelia LeRutte

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