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Charlie Sheen Accuses Ex of Dognapping

Charlie Sheen – perhaps you’ve heard of him – is accusing his former wife of dognapping. On Monday, the unemployed tiger’s blood drinker called his ex-wife, Denise Richards, a “dog thief” (among other names) on his Twitter account.

Sheen claims Richards stole two Pugs that belonged to her before their marriage. Richards had agreed to leave the dogs in Sheen’s custody after their divorce so their children could play them when they visited Sheen, according to OK! Magazine.

Now Richards, an animal advocate who works with PETA and several rescue groups, is firing back that Sheen abused the dogs, reports TMZ. She said she took the dogs back soon after Sheen’s wild night at the Plaza Hotel in New York, when she started getting calls that the Pugs were “malnourished and neglected.”

According to E! News, Sheen agreed to return the Pugs to Richards. Tragically, one of the dogs recently died of malnutrition. And now the self-proclaimed WARLOCK WARRIOR wants the other Pug back – but only, as a source told TMZ, because he wants to use the pooch as a mascot on his upcoming “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option Show” tour.

Sheen tweeted yesterday that Richards must be “bombard[ed] with Warlock Napalm.”

E! News reported that Richards is refusing to give up the Pug, noting that her ex can’t even take care of himself.

While the rules in Sheen’s world may differ, in the real world, pets are regarded by law as personal property. So in a custody battle such as this, the legal owner of the dog usually keeps the pooch. 

Since Richards was the Pug’s original pet parent, if her name is on the adoption certificate or sales receipt, she is WINNING.

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