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Noodle has Oodles of Love to Give

shiba inu pit bullMeet Noodle, an adorable Shiba Inu-Pit Bull mix who needs a furever home.

Noodle is available from Companion Animal Rehoming Center in Autryville, N.C., a non-profit facility that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes companion animals.

Every Friday, i Love Dogs has been spotlighting a homeless dog as part of our i Love Dogs Rescue Network effort to find furever homes for these pooches.

I chose Noodle because: 1) Like I said, he’s adorable; 2) He’s part Shiba Inu, i Love Dogs’ breed spotlight this month; 3) He’s also part Pit Bull, which I know from personal experience are great dogs; and 4) He was rescued from a North Carolina shelter, and many shelters in that state still use cruel gas chambers to euthanize dogs.

Noodle is already housebroken, neutered and up-to-date on all his shots. Please help spread the word that this cutie is more than ready for his furever home.

The 4 (Paws)-1-1:

i Love Dogs Name: Noodle

i Love Dogs Breed: Shiba Inu-Pit Bull mix

i Love Dogs Age: Adult

i Love Dogs Personality: Very friendly, and a good house dog.

i Love Dogs Pet Friendliness: Noodle gets along great with female dogs and cats. He doesn’t care for other male dogs.

i Love Dogs Kid Friendliness: Noodle is kid friendly. He is currently in a foster home with a young child.

i Love Dogs Contact: To adopt Noodle, email the Companion Animal Rehoming Center or visit its website.

If you or someone in your social network becomes a hero by adopting one of our featured dogs, not only will you get a best friend for life, but if you mention that you saw the dog on our website, i Love Dogs will send you a pooch starter kit, including toys, vitamin samples and other goodies!

PHOTO: petfinder.com

Laura Goldman

Laura Goldman is senior social media writer for i Love Dogs, Inc. She does love dogs. And elephants and turtles. Along with writing about the loves of her life, Laura likes to play with her two pound pups and tell anyone who'll listen just how awesome Pit Bulls are.

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