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Here’s Your Chance to Give a Renegade Man a Good Home

Renegade Man was once a racing Greyhound. From 2008 to 2010, he competed in 88 races from Phoenix, Ariz., to Caliente, Mexico. When his days at the race track ended, Renegade Man, or Rene for short, was rescued by Grey Save, a Greyhound Adoption Group based in Southern California. Rene is looking for his furever home.

According to Sue Blair, Rene’s foster mom, Rene is a funny, silly boy who loves to cuddle and be included in everything that his foster parents are doing, including declaring himself “inspector general” and giving every new thing that enters their home a good sniff.

She says, “This boy loves to go on long walks and rides well in the car. His favorite toy is a big, hard rubber squeaker that he tosses into the air, pounces on and then squeaks it several times before throwing it up again.”

Blair told i Love Dogs that Rene is a smart dog who learns quickly, so he will need an experienced dog owner, preferably one who works from home as Rene does not like to be left alone.

Every Friday, i Love Dogs spotlights a homeless dog as part of our i Love Dogs Rescue Network effort to find furever homes for these pooches.

Usually we pick our rescue profiles from an Internet search or a visit to a shelter, but this time the rescue dog picked me. I was standing in a crowd of people at America’s Family Pet Expo, when this beautiful dog started to nudge me. I looked down into the most beautiful, big brown eyes I have seen in quite some time. Rene smiled back at me, nudging my hand gently with his nose so that I knew it was okay to pet him. Right then and there, I knew he was a special boy, and would make a great companion.

The 4 (Paws)-1-1:

Dog-Friendly Name: Renegade Man or Rene

Dog-Friendly Breed: Greyhound

Dog-Friendly Ages: Rene is 4 years old

Dog-Friendly Personality: Loving, smart, social and funny

Dog-Friendly Pet Friendliness: Rene gets along with other dogs, but will need a proper introduction to cats

Dog-Friendly Kid Friendliness: Rene would make an excellent family pet

Dog-Friendly Contact: To adopt these Rene, fill out an online application or call 866-473-9728

If you or someone in your social network becomes a hero by adopting one of our featured dogs, not only will you get a best friend for life, but if you mention that you saw the dog on our website, i Love Dogs will send you a pooch starter kit, including toys, vitamin samples and other goodies!

PHOTO: David Blair

Sonya Simpkins

Sonya Simpkins is a contributing writer for i Love Dogs, Inc. In her spare time, she loves to take her dogs for long hikes and treks to the beach, out to eat and on long road trips across the county. She then turns those adventures into useful advice for other dog parents who also love to take their dogs with them wherever they go.

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The Dog Park   


I am so happy to learn that our four legged friend was adopted. Another victory in prayers answered for our four legged friend.


Hi, Dresia!

Thanks so much for your kind comments. Renegade is a very special boy indeed. I met him at an event last year. This sweet boy nudged my hand until he got my attention, and I am so glad that he did. I am over the moon to tell you that he was adopted and lives in a kind and loving home. Yay for Renegade!  



If I had a home, with a very large back yard and tons of back yard space, I would adopt and rescue unwanted animals. I hope someone will adopt this lovely greyhound. Where I live, they do not allow dogs, only cats. Please be kind to this dog whom ever adopts him. He's a special dog and will grow to love you and be your loyal companion. He has that look. I pray he finds a good loyal and humble home.