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Let Nellie Nuzzle Her Way into Your Heart

Nellie American Bulldog Pit Terrier MixNellie is a happy, 2-year-old pooch who loves treats and giving wet kisses to everyone she meets.

The American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier mix is waiting for her new pet parents at the Yolo County SPCA, a foster-based company located in Davis, Calif.

Nellie is a friendly dog who loves other dogs and people alike.  She’s an energetic, playful and an otherwise happy girl who just loves to cuddle. She’ll often entertain herself by playing with any sort of dog toy – in fact, she’ll throw the ball for herself and chase after it. Nellie has great leash manners: ignoring squirrels and birds, greeting all dogs and their pet parents and, best of all, doesn’t lunge or pull.

Nellie takes a minute or two to get used to new people. She acts submissive at first and keeps her distance, but then she quickly dissolves into kisses and wiggles and she’s great with kids. She’s also very quiet and has not barked or whined.

She’s very smart and food-motivated, she carefully watches the other dogs to see what she’s supposed to do and has quickly learned to sit for her treats!

Every Friday, i Love Dogs spotlights a homeless dog as part of our i Love Dogs Rescue Network effort to find furever homes for these pooches.

I chose to profile Nellie because this month’s i Love Dogs breed spotlight is on Pit Bull Terriers, who often get a bad rap and are abandoned at shelters. Nellie is a great example of the other side of Pit Bulls that many dog lovers already know.

The 4 (Paws)-1-1:

  • Name: Nellie
  • Breed: American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier mix
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Personality: She is an energetic, playful, happy girl who loves to cuddle.
  • Pet Friendliness: Plays well with other dogs.
  • Kid Friendliness: She is great with kids, loves kissing people and trying to sit in their laps.
  • Contact: To adopt Nellie, contact the Yolo County SPCA through email at dogs@yolospca.org or visit their website.
  • If you or someone in your social network becomes a hero by adopting one of our featured dogs, not only will you get a best friend for life, but if you mention that you saw the dog on our website, i Love Dogs will send you a pooch starter kit, including toys, vitamin samples and other goodies!

    PHOTO: petfinder.com

    Kara Ogushi

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