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Reader Rescue Stories: Pixie, Freddie, Harrison, Oscar and Lola

Because we have had such an amazing response from our reader rescue story submission request, we are now going to feature at least five new stories a week. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. Thanks for sending us your stories and keep them coming!

Pixie: The Rescue that Saved Me
By Annette Gonzalez

boston terrier


About four years ago, I had applied through Boston Buddies to adopt a Boston Terrier. I already had a boy named Mugsy and I wanted him to have a playmate. The president of Boston Buddies told me she had a dog that was perfect for me and her name was Pixie. I received a picture of her at work and fell in love instantly. “That’s my baby girl,” I told everyone.

I am permanently disabled and have a rare heart condition. I have also suffered three heart attacks. My life changed completely in the last two years, yet the ones who never left my side, and would lick every tear from my face were my babies. They have given me the greatest gift — unconditional love.

Pixie turns 9 in September. She loves to play tetherball and surf. Thank you for letting me share my story about the day a dog rescued me.

Freddie: The Pom that Brought Love Back Into Our Lives
By Grant Hayter-Menzies

black pomeranian dog


It had been two years since we’d lost our dog Jessie, and you can’t replace 18 years of love overnight. But one night my partner and I were looking at pictures of dogs on the BCSPCA web site, and Les said, “Come look at this one. He looks like a wee fox.” I looked, and fell in love with the dark-furred little Pomeranian with the soulful gaze.

We made a deal with the gods: if this dog, whose name was Frederick, was still at the shelter the next morning (a Saturday in early September 2010), we would ask to meet him.

He was still there. In fact, he had been there for two weeks. He was rescued from a puppy mill in Kamloops with eight other dogs. Thankfully, despite what had been done to him before he came to us, Freddie has never forgotton how to love — we saw it in his eyes at the shelter, and it is even brighter in them now that he is with us in his furever home.

Harrison: From Death’s Door to Ready-Made Service Dog
By Michelle Stymacks

pit bull


One cold January day I went to a rural Ohio pound to transport a few dogs to a rescue I worked for at the time. One dog that I wasn’t even aware of poked his head out from around a dog house. I asked the dog warden, “What about that Pit Bull-mix?” and his horrifying response was, “Oh, he’s useless, beyond hope. I’m just going to kill him when you leave. [I’ll] probably have to shoot him because I can’t get near him.” I told him if he could get the dog in my car, I would take him.

Shortly after Harrison came to my home I started having increased seizure activity as I am epileptic. I have three different kinds of seizures. I started noticing that when I woke up or came out of it, Harrison was always laying on top of me. I also noticed that Harrison was getting whiney and insistent about 10 minutes before I would begin to have that pre-seizure aura. He was sensing my seizures before I was!

I wasn’t looking for a service dog, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to find one with a natural ability to do what it takes years to train dogs to do, but I can’t imagine life without him.

Oscar: The Best Furpal a Family Could Want
By Laurie Alber

beagle mix


When my husband Fred and I adopted our son, Nick, we promised him we would get a dog once we moved into a house. We started saving our change in a “dog jar” to teach Nick that dogs aren’t free or cheap, and that they take work.

While Fred and Nick were looking at all of the adorable puppies, I turned around and saw this super cute, floppy-eared Beagle-mix standing in front of a table of volunteers. I went over and inquired about who the handsome fellow was. His foster mom told me that he is good with kids and cats. Well, that was all it took for me. I took him for a little walk and I fell in love with him. Fred and Nick came over and I told them that this guy was meant to come home with us. The rest is history.

Oscar is the best pal a family could want. It was love at first sight and we are blessed to have him in the family.

Lola: Living the Good Life After Being Rescued from a Hoarder
By Lynne Lerner

brindle pit bull


I received an email from a rescue group asking for aid from anyone who could help out with 140 dogs and cats being taken from a hoarder.

We lost our Pit Bull, Lucy, to cancer a couple of years before and Lola’s picture was on the email. She looked so much like Lucy that we had to meet her! They brought her over for a sleepover and she never left.

We’ve had Lola for two years now. Lola was about 6 years old when we got her and she had probably spent most of her life in that small space.

She has horrendous arthritis, but we have a pool, so she gets lots of exercise swimming.

Yep, Lola never had it so good! We’re so happy we can give her the life she should have had all along.

PHOTOS: Annette Gonzales, Grant Hayter-Menzies, Michelle Stymacks, Laurie Alber and Lynne Lerner

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