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Surf Dog Ricochet Raises $100,000 for Charity


Surf Dog Ricochet has just reached a new milestone: raising $100,000 for charity!

Ricochet has been raising awareness and funds for both human and animal causes since she surfed with her first beneficiary, quadriplegic surfer, Patrick Ivison in August 2009. Two years later, Ricochet has raised her 100,000th dollar, for the New Jersey SPCA in honor of Patrick The Miracle Dog. If you’re unfamiliar with Patrick’s story, he’s a Pit Bull from New Jersey who was found starving and barely alive inside an apartment building garbage chute back in March.

But Patrick isn’t the only one Ricochet has helped. Over the past two years she held more than 40 fundraisers and raised funds for more than 150 human and animal causes. Throughout her campaign, Ricochet has brought awareness to people and pups about many causes, including disabilities; adaptive surfing; illness/disease; childhood cancer; breast cancer; autism; military veterans and their dogs; canine cancer; disabled pets; and shelters, rescues and animal-welfare organizations.

Most of Ricochet’s fundraising has been done through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and her inspirational “From Service dog to SURFice dog” video that went viral on YouTube, with more than 3.5 million views.

Ricochet’s the only known dog in the world that surfs with special-needs kids and people with disabilities for therapeutic purposes. She counterbalances the board to keep disabled surfers from falling off, or encourages children to get on board to experience the healing power of the ocean.

Ricochet also surfs in surf dog contests, and recently came in 2nd place at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, the same event that turned Ricochet into a SURFice dog two years ago.

Ricochet is looking forward to raising more awareness and funds for canine cancer and the Helen Woodward Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon. She was the top fundraiser at the Surf-A-Thon last year, setting an event record. This year, Ricochet hopes to raise more than her personal best.

Next up for Ricochet is a 2-year anniversary surf session with Ivison on August 20. She will also be surfing with the Association of Amputee Surfers, attending the VA Sports Clinic, competing in the Surf City Surf Dog competition, for which she is a charity partner, and working with special-needs kids at the Best Day Foundation event.

For more information about Ricochet or to donate to any of her numerous fundraisers, visit her website.

PHOTO: surfdogricochet.com

Amelia LeRutte

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