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Achtung! Meet Our i Love Schnauzers Photo Contest Winners

Danke schoen to all of you who entered our i Love Schnauzers photo contest last month. “Schuch” a bunch of cuties!

Our contest judge was Eugenia Vogel, i Love Dogs’ Ask a Trainer. She said she had a lot of fun poring over the photos of Schnauzers, both purebred and mixed (or schemi-Schnauzers, as we like to call ‘em).

So without further pawdo, here are our i Love Schnauzers photo contest winners!

1st Place: Buddy

miniature schnauzer


“What a beautiful shot!” Vogel said of her choice for first place.

“What’s Buddy gazing at? I just love the look in his eyes – ‘What’s going on over there, and can I come join you?’ Or is he waiting for the right moment to bolt after a squirrel?”

Buddy is a Miniature Schnauzer-Jack Russell Terrier mix who belongs to 11-year-old Zack. “Buddy is the only thing Zack wanted for his birthday in April. The whole family has adopted him and loves him,” said Zack’s mom, Pam.

“He’s such a cutie!” Vogel said. “Zack, you sure chose a wonderful friend. Bet you two get into a lot of fun trouble together!”

2nd Place: Sophie, Sassy-Frass and Hans

Miniature Schnauzers

Sophie, Sassy-Frass and Hans

In this photo, Sophie, Sassy-Frass and Hans “were all smiles, waiting patiently for me while I talked to the vet about their check-ups,” said their dog dad, Chris.

“Look at those patient faces!” Vogel said. “They’re saying, ‘Look how good we’re being, saying Ahhhh for the doctor – pleeze can we go to the dog park after this? Pleeze pleeze? See our cute pink tongues? Who has a treat for us?’”

Honorable Mention: Buko

Miniature Schnauzer


Based on your “Likes” in our i Love Schnauzers Facebook photo album, the fan favorite is Buko.

This photo was taken last winter during torrential rains that flooded Buko’s backyard. “He had on his raincoat and was sitting patiently next to his brother, waiting for me to put on his booties so he could go outside – where he didn’t hesitate to romp around in five inches of water,” said his dog mom, Margarita.

“Buko always has his right ear up to listen for visitors or to hear when the treat jar is being opened,” Margarita added.

Congratulations to all of our winners! Buddy, Sophie, Sassy-Frass and Hans will receive i Love Dogs Reishi with Green Tea plus a coupon good for a 50-percent discount on their pet parents’ next purchase of i Love Dogs vitamins and supplements. Buko will receive an i Love Dogs bag filled with goodies.

If these cuties have you thinking about getting a Schnauz of your own, Vogel offers this advice.

“These athletes need ample daily exercise and thrive in active households,” she said. “After a brisk walk, agility training session or (fenced) off-leash galloping, they switch to calm, couch-buddy mode, but you do need to exercise this energetic breed every day, rain or shine.”

Vogel said Mini-Shnauzers, the most popular type of this breed (there are also Teacup, Standard and Giant sizes), are “brilliant little dogs, usually have no fear, are easy to train, and if properly socialized, a great party guest.”

She encourages potential Schnauz pet parents to be diligent about properly socializing their dog. “What’s meant by proper socialization is introducing your dog to at least 100 new adults, kids, elderly people, other dogs, places, etc. per month; that, along with knowing how to teach your dog proper social interactions,” she said.

“This breed isn’t prone to barkiness, but they do vocalize when they feel the need to guard (they’re great watch dogs!),” Vogel said. “Be sure to incorporate fun, fast-pased, brief training sessions into your daily life with your Mini-Schnauzer – five minutes or so a few times a day is great.”

“Miniature Schnauzers will keep you entertained with their antics, and on your toes with their intelligence and independent nature. Be sure you teach a very solid recall, since the terrier-must-chase-everything genes kick in when something triggers their chase instinct.”

If you would prefer to bypass the puppy stage, Vogel said there are plenty of pawsome adult Mini-Schnauzers in shelters and with rescue organizations.

“It’s important to have a professional trainer help you with temperament testing, particularly if you have kids or grandkids,” she advised. “Find a trainer whose methods are based on positive reinforcement and motivational techniques for a group class or in-home training. It really helps with the transition from the breeder, shelter or rescue organization into your home.” She said the Association of Pet Dog Trainers website is a great way to find trainers near you.

“Get ready to wear out your walking shoes, and enjoy the company of this terrific little companion!” Vogel said.


Laura Goldman

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