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My Boxer Wants to Fight!

Boxer and Shih TzuI’ve had a 2-year-old female Boxer since she was 7 weeks old. In the last eight months she has become very aggressive toward other dogs. How can I calm her down?

– Sherry, Ontario, Canada

Hi Sherry,

In aggression cases, it’s always very important to work one-on-one with a trainer or behaviorist who has a strong history of working with dog-aggressive dogs, since there is a real possibility that you or someone else could be injured when your Boxer is aggressing toward another dog.

Please contact a professional for assistance. A good place to start your trainer search is with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Just click Find A Trainer, type in your zip code and a list of trainers and/or behaviorists in your area displays. Call three to five trainers before you make a decision with whom to work, and be sure their methods are positive and gentle.

Until you meet with a trainer, another thing I suggest you do is read Queen Of My Street!, which outlines how to re-teach your dog how to walk with you. However, one big difference between that dog (Raven) and yours is that I strongly suggest you use the training tips in your home and backyard, not on a walk.

The longer you walk your dog without any aggression behavior modification as suggested by a professional, the more difficult it can be to modify – and aggression often escalates if it isn’t addressed. So please consider holding off on walking your dog until you get help with the problem.

I’d appreciate an update on your training. Thanks for your question.

– Eugenia

PHOTO: Daisyree Bakker

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