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Steve Jobs: Dog-Friendly Visionary?

Steve JobsApple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died of cancer this week, is rightfully being hailed as a true visionary whose ideas about technology changed the way we live and work.

But was Jobs also a visionary when it came to dog-friendly workplaces and the depiction of Pit Bulls in a positive light?

In the 1983 commercial below for the Lisa (a computer named after Jobs’ daughter), actor Kevin Costner rides his bike to work with his Pit Bull jogging beside him. Costner and his pooch take an elevator to his office, where the dog curls up beside his desk as Costner fires up his computer.

“At Apple, we understand that business as usual … isn’t anymore,” says the voiceover.

Nearly 30 years ago, very few office workers were allowed to bring their dogs to work with them. Nowadays, dogs are a common sight in many businesses.

As for Pit Bulls, the media’s promotion of them as vicious killers was already going strong in 1983, yet Apple chose to feature a calm and friendly one in this commercial.

Due to poor sales, the Lisa was replaced with the Macintosh XL after two years. Since then, it has largely been forgotten.

If only the negative image of Pit Bulls could be forgotten along with it.

RIP, Steve Jobs.

PHOTO: acaben

Laura Goldman

Laura Goldman is senior social media writer for i Love Dogs, Inc. She does love dogs. And elephants and turtles. Along with writing about the loves of her life, Laura likes to play with her two pound pups and tell anyone who'll listen just how awesome Pit Bulls are.

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