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Meet the i Love Chihuahuas Photo Contest Winners!

Muchas gracias to all you dog mamás and papás who entered photos of your Chihuahuas and Chi mixes in our photo contest last month.

And special thanks to our contest judge, Janet Bianchini of Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego. Choosing winners from so many adorable little pooches was certainly a huge task.

So without further pawdo, here are our i Love Chihuahuas photo contest winners!

1st Place: Frijole

Frijole senior ChihuahuaFrijole, a 12-year-old, smooth-coated Chihuahua, has “brightened the days of many people, especially the elderly and sick children, visiting them in convalescent homes and hospitals,” said his dog mom, Danna.

“Reaching out his paws to comfort and just be there to listen when no one else would. In all his 12 years of life, he has never met a stranger. He is always happy to meet new people and be the little show-off he’s always been.”

Bianchini said of her choice for first place, “A senior helping seniors! How can you resist this little do-gooder? Especially with that handsome smile!”

2nd Place: Freddie

Freddie cute ChihuahuaTwo-year-old Freddie, also known as “Fredley,” “Fredward” and “The Gremlin,” joined dog mom Hayley’s family almost a year ago. Hayley thinks Freddie looks more like a Beagle than a Chihuahua.

“He chews my clothes up, roughhouses with my two other dogs and, every once in a while, decides to pee on the carpet,” Hayley says.

“He is not perfect, but that is why he fits in this family perfectly. I love how he sleeps under the covers with me every night, how he looks like a praying mantis whenever he ‘attacks’ his biscuits, how he zooms around the house in random spurts of energy, but most of all, how he sticks his pink little tongue out whenever he’s concentrating on something too hard.”

Bianchini said Freddie is “soooo cute in this particular picture. I like the way the family loves all of his faults and accepts him for who he is. I wish all people felt that way about their little ones. Chihuahuas don’t need to be perfect in order to love them.”

Honorable Mention: Frijole

Not only was Frijole our judge’s favorite, but based on your “Likes” in our i Love Chihuahuas Facebook photo album, this little cutie was the fan favorite as well!

Congratulations to Frijole and Freddie! They will each receive i Love Dogs Reishi with Green Tea plus a coupon good for a 50-percent discount on their pet parents’ next purchase of i Love Dogs vitamins and supplements. As the fan favorite, Frijole will also receive an i Love Dogs bag filled with pawsome goodies.

Many thanks to Janet Bianchini for judging our contest. If you’re in Southern California and love Chihuahuas, she said Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego is always in need of good foster homes. “It is the most rewarding experience to help these little guys until they find their new family,” she said.

The non-profit rescue is run by volunteers, and depends on donations to continue to help homeless Chis find their furever homes.

“Chihuahuas are loving, lively, saucy and courageous little dogs with big hearts,” Bianchini said. “We at Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego have the honor of providing food, shelter, medical care, spay or neuter, as well as foster and adoption services for these wonderful little ones.”

Bianchini said that although all the rescued Chihuahuas are special, “some have special needs that require a little extra TLC and expense. We try to provide loving homes and special care for all of our dogs, including the ones most people would consider unadoptable. Many times these special ones become the favorites, as you can see from some of the photo contest entrants’ stories. It just proves you don’t have to be perfect to be loved and cherished.”

“Once you love a Chihuahua, there is no turning back,” Bianchini said. “They are like potato chips – one is just not enough!”

Laura Goldman

Laura Goldman is senior social media writer for i Love Dogs, Inc. She does love dogs. And elephants and turtles. Along with writing about the loves of her life, Laura likes to play with her two pound pups and tell anyone who'll listen just how awesome Pit Bulls are.

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