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Reader Rescue Story: Mac the Mellow Pit Bull Mix

This week’s reader rescue story about a Pit Bull named Mac was submitted by Sarah DuBois. Mac and his sisters were dumped at a local humane society on New Year’s Eve. Mac was lucky to be adopted into a loving home.

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pit bull mixLast winter, I was browsing the humane society’s website when I saw a picture of Mac. He was only 4 1/2 months old and completely adorable. My husband and I went to the humane society “just to look,” but we both knew we weren’t leaving without him.

The woman working in the adoption center brought us to a kennel he was sharing with his two sisters. Mac was the biggest, yet most mellow of the three. While his sisters were wrestling and getting rowdy, Mac was sitting at the edge of the kennel, peering out at people walking by.

I remember noticing his calm demeanor and big brown eyes. After spending some time playing with Mac, we fell head-over-heels in love. We put a hold on him, and went out to buy a kennel and the proper accessories before we picked him up the next day.

When we picked up Mac, we learned a little more about his background. He and his sisters had been dropped off at the humane society on New Year’s Eve last year. He was a little malnourished, had a small skin infection and a few cuts and scratches across his body. The humane society thought that the cuts were from roughhousing with his siblings, and said that due to his calm nature, his sisters bossed him around a bit and ate most of his food.

The shelter provided us with antibiotics for his cuts and sores, some supplements for his skin and a bag of food. With that, we were on our way home with the newest member of the family.

Mac settled right in at our place. We live in an apartment in downtown Minneapolis, Minn., so he quickly learned to love walks and make the most out of his time outside. We enrolled him in obedience school and became regulars at the city dog parks. We don’t know a ton of information about Mac’s background, but we have learned the loyal and forgiving nature that dogs have.

Having a Pit Bull mix has its challenges, but not the kind that most people think. Mac is not aggressive or mean and he is not a guard dog – he just wants to love everyone who comes our way! He has never hurt another person or dog. In fact, the main challenge we face is the negative ideas people hold about his breed. I have taken it as my personal mission to educate people about Pit Bulls, so raising Mac to be a well-mannered and friendly dog is a priority.

Another mission I have taken on is to encourage adoption over breeding. There are so many dogs that need a kind and loving home, and I encourage people all the time to adopt from their local animal shelters.

We love our Mac and couldn’t imagine a life without him!

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