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‘Pit Bulls and Parolees’ Rescue Relocates to New Mexico and New Orleans

Pit Bull wearing Adopt Me vestFollowing a failed attempt to move her Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) to Techachapi, Calif., and faced with stricter kennel laws, Tia Maria Torres has packed up the dogs and moved to two other states.

Villalobos Rescue Center, a rescue, rehabilitation and placement facility for abused and abandoned Pit Bulls, is featured on Animal Planet’s “Pit Bulls and Parolees.”

Torres has just opened a rescue/adoption center in New Orleans, while a “Pit Bull Pondersosa” sanctuary is being set up on a donated 50-acre ranch in New Mexico.

“Though the two locations will be several states away from each other, they will still continue to function as one organization,” according to the VRC website.

The rescue/adoption center, which is tentatively scheduled to have its grand opening in March, is in the 9th Ward of New Orleans. Unlike the California facility, the new center will be open to the public on a walk-in basis.

“We hope to bring the much-needed assistance to the overwhelming Pit Bull population as well as canine education and care to the residents of the area,” the website states.

According to the most recent update on the VRC website, the sanctuary will serve as home to its “lifers” (unadoptable dogs) and senior dogs so they can “live out their lives in the peace and serenity of the high desert.”

VRC had been operating out of Agua Dolce, Calif., for the past 18 years. Although Kern County denied her request to move the business to Techachapi last year, Torres still planned to create a sanctuary on land she owned there. However, a small plane crashed on the property in September, causing a fire that destroyed her house and kennels. No dogs were on site at the time.

Torres decided to relocate out of state. Volunteers helped her and her staff with the massive move last month.

“It’s time for us to move on to an area where we can survive financially and also where we are desperately needed,” the website states. “The Villalobos family is very excited to be able to pick themselves up after getting knocked down over the Tehachapi disaster and the growing problems in Los Angeles, so that they can offer the dogs a better life. We are all very excited to begin our new journey elsewhere and hopefully this new chapter in our lives will be successful.”

To find out about volunteering or donating items to the new locations, email the VRC volunteer coordinator at volunteer@vrcpitbull.com or call 661-268-0555.

PHOTO: Dixie Wells

Laura Goldman

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The Dog Park   


The pit bull was at time when I was young called the baby siter dog. I have been around them and if raised right there the sweetest dogs around very protective of there "pack" ie there humans and there young and there property there is a sad  deal here in Idaho where 3 adults where killed and when this was started to even be looked into they found a dog fighting ring/traing area with 65 pit bulls they have lost 2 and might lose more. 


can someone please help me find a pitbull rescue group i need to find a good loving home for 2 beautiful pits i don't want to jus place them w/anyone due to i don't want them to be for fighting or anything else i also don't want the owner my neighbor to have them put down either i have pics of them and they want them to be adopted out together PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME BEFORE THEY ARE PUT DOWN FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO ADOPT OUT THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS I WOULD TAKE THEM IN BUT SINCE I RESCUED 2 OF MY OWN AND I'M PLANNING ON MOVING BACK TO CALIFORNIA AND I'M GOING TO HAVE A HARD TIME FINDING A PLACE OF MY OWN IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF ON HOW PEOPLE TREAT AND PUT A BAD NAMES ON PITS I WISH THEY WOULD PASS A LAW PUT DOWN THE OWNERS SAVE THE ANIMAL AND TO HAVE EVERY OWNER HAVE THERE ANIMALS SPAYED OR NEUTERED OR THEY WILL BE PUT IN JAIL FOR A YEAR BUT THATS JUS ME AND MY OPINION PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME SAVE THESE BEAUTIFUL PITS THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS 


What Tia does is wonderful. the pit bull does have a bad rap. Its not the dogs fault its the owners who make them fight, and treat them so bad. I would like to take the owners of these dogs and make them fight, like they make the dogs do, and have them on a heavy chain, out side with no food or water, and see how they like it. People are so cruel to animals some any way. And Tia is doing a great job, of saving  the dogs. And giving them a home. Plus the parolees too, by hiring them and they learn love, real love from a dog. Who no matter what you do they bounce back and love you. Even when you have a bad day, they know it, and want to make you feel better.  Tia is making a difference in the dogs lives. and the Parolee;s too. Wonderful lady.