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Reader Rescue Story: Rosie the Wonderdog!

West Highland TerrierThis week’s reader rescue story is about a West Highland White Terrier called Rosie. Rosie was kept in a cage and used strictly for breeding before she was tossed aside as useless. Luckily, she found a loving furever home. We hope you enjoy reading her story as much as we did.

If you are the pet parent of a rescued dog, we want to share your story, too! For information about submitting your story, click here.

Rosie’s Rescue – From Underdog to Wonderdog!
By Lisa A. Kenny

Imagine living outside in a cage with other cages full of dogs stacked above you. Then imagine your whole existence was for the sole purpose of breeding, and just when you bonded with your pups, they were taken away to be sold in pet stores. Imagine being exposed to the elements year round, including the feces and urine of the other dogs and puppies in the cages above yours.

Imagine being a West Highland White Terrier whose white fur was black from urine burns, and whose feet had never touched the grass. Imagine four years of that life, until you were deemed “used up” by your handlers, and dumped in a box with several other “used-up” purebred female dogs outside a dog pound.

Then imagine some very nice people came to the pound and brought you to their house, where you learned how to walk, got medicine for your skin and started to grow hair for the first time in your life. Imagine what it felt like to stretch your legs, play with other animals, have free access to food and water, get a name and to feel the touch of a person who loves you – for the very first time in your life.

This is exactly what happened to Rosie.

Our little Rosie was rescued by a group in Ohio and she given a chance at a better life. They posted her profile on Petfinder.com, and we found her right away. We were happy to go through a rigorous screening process to be sure we were responsible pet parents, and spoke on the phone and by email regularly with her foster parents while she healed.

Rosie spent several weeks in their rehab house after being fixed and socialized, and then we got to pick her up. She had a little blue stuffed puppy that she carried out the door with her, and it is still in her basket of babies. Her hair was sparse and the black flakes of burned skin on her nose and back were starting to heal, but she still looked pretty rough. She could walk, but not run, and she tired easily. We put on her pink collar with silk roses, and brought her to her new forever home in Michigan.

Once home, she immediately took to the other dogs and cats in the family, and was showered with lots of little stuffed animals, which she treated like her lost puppies. It took her about a month to be able to build up her muscles enough to run, which at first looked like a bunny hop. Her hair grew into a beautiful, glossy white coat, and she has never looked back.

Of all the dogs we have had, Rosie had the saddest beginning, but she has the most optimistic and happy nature! She loves everyone and wags her tail with a fervor we have never seen. She has brought so much joy into our home, and taught us to live in the moment and to forgive and forget.

She loves being in the kitchen with me, playing outside with the dogs, napping on the pillows with the cats and playing peek-a-boo with our bunny.

When Scott, my husband, comes home from work, she can’t wait to see him and get her belly rubs. She plays equally well with the big dogs, getting muddy and racing around our 3-acre yard. She is very gentle with any small animal or child she meets.

She is a real wonder and we are grateful to have her.

PHOTO: Lisa A. Kenny

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