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An App That Can Save Your Dog’s Life

dog appA brand-new emergency app called ICEforPets has just launched to help pet parents keep their fur babies safe.

According to the site, pet parents can “create an ‘In Case of Emergency’ push notification text message. This text message will alert your emergency contact at a specific time should something happen to you.”

The app also allows you to store information on multiple pets such as allergies, medications and even vet appointments.

It’s also handy for providing information for pet sitters as well.

The creators of the ICEforPets app, Linda Raffanti and her partner, Joanne Anderson, are life long friends who live near each other and created the app out of concern for their pet dogs.

“We love to travel and take our dogs as often as possible.  It is vital that we have our crucial pet information, vet, meds, etc., with us at all times,” Raffanti said. “Since we don’t have other family living with us, nobody would know for quite some time if we didn’t return back home. So we created the emergency text alert, which, when set before leaving your pet alone, is timed to launch should it not be turned off.”

The app will send you several warnings before it is shut off. Once it is launched, it will send a text to your emergency contact indicating that they need to go to the location of your pet and assist him until you can return.

“It’s not just the car accidents we are talking about. It could be as simple as a delay in a flight arrival, a flat tire while coming back from a restaurant in an area with no signal, sickness etc.,” Raffanti said. “Pet safety is priceless; 99 cents is nothing to spend on doing as much as you can to take care of your pet.”

Here are the emergency features of this new app:

  • Veterinarian contact information including maps
  • Pet medications and food allergies
  • Dietary needs
  • Exercise schedules
  • Pet-related appointments
  • Emergency contact information
  • House-sitting information, such as alarm codes, garbage days, watering schedule, etc.
  • Photos

Download the ICEforPets app for 99 cents on iTunes here.


Kara Ogushi

Contributing writer Kara Ogushi is a pet mom to two dogs and five rabbits. When she isn't writing travel tips for pooches, she's exploring new ways to share and create media.

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