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Reader Rescue Story: Tressel

This week’s rescue story is unique. It’s not necessarily about a dog that was rescued in the traditional sense of dog rescue, but he was still saved nonetheless thanks to a generous vet and his amazing staff. We hope you enjoy reading this story as much as we did.

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Tressel Was Rescued Twice – Once by His Mom and Again by His Vet
By Arielle Baribault

I thought I would share my story with you about my dog and wonderful vet that took care of him when I could not. This is not a story about his rescue, even though I did get him from a family that could not care for him. It is about the compassion that the staff and doctors at Banfield Pet Hospital in North Las Vegas had for him when he was sick.

I got Tressel, Tress as we call him, when he was about 6 weeks old. I found him on Craigslist. His family was giving him away to anyone that could give him a good home. After speaking with my now husband, we decided to bring him home. He quickly became my best friend, and got along great with our 2 ½-year-old Blue Nose Pit Bull, Zoom. Even though they are different in sizes, they are best buds.

As Tress got older, he got lean, skinny and fast! At first, we thought he was a Pit Bull-Rottweiler mix, but it turns out we don’t really know. We have not tested him to see what he is exactly, because honestly we love him not matter what. But he has become a crazy little thing. He has so much energy that at times I think he roams the house during the night and never sleeps.

Over the winter holidays, Tress suddenly changed – he was visibly ill – vomiting, lethargic and just not himself. He could barely walk and looked pathetic. After a few vet visits, tests, X-rays and more, we came to the conclusion that he had eaten something and it had gotten blocked in his stomach and intestines.

After his surgery, we learned that a corn cob was stuck in his belly, and it had been there for months!

As everyone knows, surgery is expensive, and to complicate matters further, I had a baby on the way. I was stressed and agonizing over my pup’s future. His surgery was going to cost $1,100, and we could not afford that. After a day of going back and forth over putting him down or getting the surgery, I decided to get the surgery and work out a payment plan with the hospital. I put some money down and waited for him to begin his recovery.

When I came to pick him up, the surgery costs had been taken care of. I was so surprised that I immediately broke down into tears. Banfield has donation boxes located at all their hospitals. After spending the day on the phone with the vet techs at the office, they realized how upset I was about everything. They decided to get together and collect money from different hospitals and use it towards Tressels’ surgery. His surgery was taken care of, and he was cleared to go home.

I had never been so thankful in my entire life. Tress is my world, and thinking of a world without him is unbearable. My vet also cut a bunch of the costs and a vet tech let me borrow some money from her to pay for the recovery IV fluids and prescriptions, which I paid back.

The people at Banfield gathered around my Tress when I could not. Their generosity brings tears to my eyes even thinking about his whole ordeal.

It’s been about seven weeks since his surgery, and he is back to his old self, with only a large scar on his belly to show for it. The staff and doctors at Banfield are beyond amazing. They care so much for each individual animal; it does not feel like a chain hospital. They are so wonderful to each individual that walks through their door. Rich or poor, they give nothing but the best care anyone could ask for. They were my Christmas miracles. I was so blessed to have such amazing staff look after him, and help me out financially. They pulled together for me and knew how much I was struggling with the decision of surgery.

I am now four months pregnant and just need to worry about my silly Tress getting to know my little one.

PHOTO: Arielle Baribault

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