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Two Sick Puppies Walk into a Hospital For Treatment

waiting roomIn Corpus Christi, Texas, two sick puppies wandered into a hospital and proceeded to wait just like any other patients.

According to kiiitv.com, on the morning of Feb. 3, the two puppies “walked straight through the glass doors and into the hospital’s lobby.  Like other patients, [they] waited patiently to be seen.”

Rather than kick them out, Christus Spohn Shoreline’s Dr. Jim Cato and his staff decided to help the emaciated pups.

First, they fed them some sausage and bacon, and then they gave them some much-needed love and attention. Then the staff quickly got to work on finding the two pups a new home.

Luckily, the Gulf Coast Humane Society agreed to take them in, if they could be transported to the shelter.  The reporter offered to drive the pooches to the shelter, where they received food and water as well as a vet check.

According to a shelter representative, the puppies should be ready for adoption in a few weeks.

Check out the video of these two pups here.

PHOTO: YouTube, slightly everything

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