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i Love Dogs Green Tea

i love dogs green teai Love Dogs GREEN TEA is a premium, veterinarian-formulated supplement that enhances the overall health of your dog and provides added support for dogs that are under stress, overweight, chronically ill or undergoing ongoing medical treatment. Also, giving your dog a supplement containing green tea can significantly reduce tarter build-up and bacteria, prevent cavities and fight gingivitis and gum disease.

Paw Print Bullet Enhances overall health for any dog
Paw Print Bullet Provides support for dogs that are under stress, overweight, or are recovering from surgery or illness
Paw Print Bullet Helps improve the condition of chronically or terminally ill dogs
Paw Print Bullet Protects against free radicals and helps to rejuvenate older and ageing dogs
Paw Print Bullet Reduces tarter build-up and bacteria, prevents cavities and fights gingivitis and gum disease

“Green tea is especially important to help strengthen the immune system, fight and keep away cancer, and as an overall tonic to promote the longevity and health of our dogs,” said Taylor Truitt, DVM, CVA.

The polyphenols in green tea enhance immunity, protect against free radical damage, and help to reduce the incidence of disease. Green tea enhances the overall health of any dog and provides added support for dogs that are under stress, overweight, chronically ill or undergoing ongoing medical treatment.

The effects of green tea include:

Paw Print Bullet Antioxidant: Inhibits free radical damage to cells
Paw Print Bullet Anti-carcinogenic: Reduces the instance of many cancers
Paw Print Bullet Anti-inflammatory: Aids in the treatment of arthritis and dermatosis
Paw Print Bullet Thermogenic effect: Helps to control weight
Paw Print Bullet Antibacterial and antiviral: Provides dental and immune system support

Green Tea Study Results

In the 2002 study “Green Tea with Prednisone or Quinolon Induction in the Treatment of Canine Lymphoma” by Sin H. Lee, M.D., Kee H. Hau, M.D. and Jeffrey K. Schpero, D.V.M., a 7-year-old Labrador Retriever with lymphoma showed vast improvement when given daily doses of green tea extract along with prednisone.

After beginning this treatment, the Lab’s general condition rapidly improved. His appetite returned and his enlarged lymph nodes shrunk back to their normal size. He was weaned off the prednisone, but continued receiving the green tea extract every day.

Fifty weeks after the Lab was initially diagnosed with cancer, he was completely symptom-free.

The doctors who completed the study stated, “A general remission was successfully induced by a combination of green tea and prednisone and maintained by daily tea extract.”

The green tea treatment was successful in achieving complete clinical remission of the cancer, and did so without putting the dog through the toxic side effects usually associated with chemotherapy.

Decaffeinated Green Tea extract

The green tea in all our products is decaffeinated. This means that it conforms to FDA decaffeination standards by having had at least 97 percent of its caffeine removed. In fact, our green tea extract has only 0.4-percent caffeine, which has a negligible effect on dogs.

Our green tea also made up of 95.1-percent tea polyphenols with 37.1-percent EGCG. This means it’s a high-quality extract. Furthermore, it’s sourced from non-genetically modified green tea leaves.

i Love Dogs GREEN TEA Ingredients

Active Ingredients
Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract

Inactive Ingredients
Pork flavor, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate.


How long does it take for i Love Dogs GREEN TEA to work?
It generally takes two to three months of consistent use to see the benefits of any supplement; however, results may be seen in as little as three or four weeks.

Is i Love Dogs GREEN TEA safe for my dog?
Green tea is highly regarded for its health-promoting benefits. The green tea in our supplements is decaffeinated (99% of the caffeine has been removed), natural, non-genetically modified and safe.

Can I use i Love Dogs GREEN TEA with other medications?
Check with your veterinarian before using any type of supplement if your dog is being treated for any medical condition.

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