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Survey Says: Seamus Dogging Romney’s Election Chances

Seamus Romney Irish SetterAs you’ve probably heard, when republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts back in 1983, he strapped his Irish Setter, Seamus, into a carrier atop his station wagon for a 12-hour road trip. The incident has become known as “Crate Gate.”

Although many animal lovers are about as happy as Seamus probably was over his method of transportation, 14 percent of 900 U.S. voters surveyed last week by Public Policy Polling (PPP) thought it was humane.

However, 68 percent of respondents disagreed – among them, 74 percent of democrats, 63 percent of republicans and 66 percent of independents. More women (74 percent) than men (62 percent) felt it was inhumane.

Seamus might be disappointed to know that 7 percent of poll respondents actually said they were more likely to vote for Romney specifically because of Crate Gate. On the other hand, 35 percent said they wouldn’t vote for him because of that, while 55 percent said it didn’t make a difference.

When asked who they thought would be a better president for dogs – Romney or Barack Obama – 37 percent of responders chose Obama, 21 percent chose Romney and 42 percent weren’t sure.

As for whether they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Romney’s and Obama’s treatment of dogs, 20 percent had a favorable opinion of Romney versus 29 percent unfavorable and 51 percent unsure; while for Obama, 44 percent were favorable, 14 percent unfavorable and 42 percent unsure.

Of the 900 people polled, 41 percent were democrats, 37 percent republicans and 22 percent independents or another party.

Romney, who won the Illinois primary yesterday, is the leading GOP candidate. He has 562 delegates out of the 1,144 he needs to earn the nomination, while his top challenger, Rick Santorum, trails behind with 249.

PPP was founded in 2001 to address insufficiencies in public policy surveys, according to its website. The company uses interactive voice response (IVR) technology “to poll quickly, cost-effectively, accurately and on a wide range of issues.”

PHOTO: Jane Romney

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