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Why are My Dog’s Teats Enlarged?

pregnant dogMy 1-year-old dog’s teats are getting enlarged and I am wondering whether I should take her to the vet.

I am not sure if she has gotten milk yet, but she is getting heavy and I am worried.

– Paula

Hi Paula,

Thank you for your question.

Is your dog spayed? If she is isn’t, could she be pregnant? If she is pregnant, then that is a natural reason for her to develop mammary enlargement in order to provide milk to her litter of puppies.

There are a variety of other reasons that she may develop mammary enlargement, all of which merit evaluation by your veterinarian.

Mammary enlargement may be due to false pregnancy, mammary infection or even cancer (benign or malignant).

Once your veterinarian evaluates your dog, the best decision can be made as to diagnostics and treatment.

Hopefully, your dog’s condition is not severe and she will lead a healthy life for much time to come.

Good luck,
Dr. Mahaney

PHOTO: Gopal Aggarwal

Dr. Mahaney

Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA has a thriving veterinary practice in Los Angeles. His clients respond favorably to his combination of Eastern and Western medicine, including acupuncture. In addition to making house calls, Mahaney makes himself available via social media outlets such as his blog and Twitter. He is dog dad to i Love Dogs canine ambassador Cardiff.

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