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Does My Bloated, Panting Dog Need to See the Vet?

Pit Bull lying in grassMy 6-year-old Pit Bull, Aubie, is breathing really hard and panting a lot. Over the past two days her belly has become extremely extended.

Do we need to take her to our vet immediately?

– Chelsea

Hi Chelsea,

I’m sorry to hear that your Pit Bull is in her current state.

Yes, you should immediately take Aubie to your regular veterinarian or emergency veterinary hospital for evaluation and appropriate treatment.

There are a variety of potentially life-threatening illnesses that could be causing her condition, including gastric dilatation/volvulus (GDV, which is also called bloat); a gastric (stomach) or small intestinal foreign body or obstruction; organ system enlargement (the liver, spleen, etc. due to cancer, torsion, etc.); pyometra (if she is unspayed) and many others.

Any abdominal distention merits immediate veterinary evaluation, especially if it is paired with the clinical signs of panting. The panting concerns me because it could indicate discomfort or inefficient oxygenation (due to a problem with her lungs, red blood cells, etc.).

Good luck,
Dr. Mahaney

PHOTO: Ildar Sagdejev

Dr. Mahaney

Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA has a thriving veterinary practice in Los Angeles. His clients respond favorably to his combination of Eastern and Western medicine, including acupuncture. In addition to making house calls, Mahaney makes himself available via social media outlets such as his blog and Twitter. He is dog dad to i Love Dogs canine ambassador Cardiff.

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