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Farm Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn

baby and German shepherdThanks to a farm dog in Ghana, Africa, a newborn baby abandoned by her mother last week is alive today.

The dog found the 2-week-old infant in a field last weekend and snuggled up beside her overnight, according to the Ghana News Agency.

When the dog’s owner realized his pooch was missing, he organized a search party to check the surrounding woods and fields.

They found the dog the next morning under a bridge near the farm. Then, to their surprise, they saw the baby nuzzling the dog’s fur.

Rosemary Azure, the Talensi-Nabdam District Director of Health, told the Ghana News Agency that the local health directorate took custody of the baby, who has an infected umbilical cord but is otherwise doing well. Authorities are trying to track down her mother.

It might not surprise dog lovers that this pup’s heroic actions aren’t all that unusual.

In 2008, a stray dog in Argentina, who had her own litter of puppies, also protected a baby left to die in a field.

CNN reported that the dog apparently carried the infant 50 meters (about a third of a mile) to where her puppies were huddled. The temperature was a near-freezing 37 degrees.

“She took it like a puppy and rescued it,” Daniel Salcedo, chief of police of the Province of Buenos Aires, told CNN. “The doctors told us if she hadn’t done this, he would have died. The dog is a hero to us.”

The baby was discovered when a nearby resident heard him crying. He went outside and found him curled up next to the dog and the six newborn puppies. He notified the police, who took the baby to a hospital. Other than some minor scratches and bruises, the baby was fine.

When his 14-year-old mother arrived at the hospital the next day to claim him, she was given psychological treatment and hospitalized, according to CNN.

In one of the more famous cases, while foraging for food for her last surviving puppy in a Nairobi, Kenya, forest back in 2005, a stray dog later named Mkombozi (“Savior”) found a baby wrapped in a plastic bag.

Mkombozi pulled the baby from the bag and dragged him to the shed that was sheltering her puppy.

”I saw a dog carrying a baby wrapped in a black dirty cloth as it crossed the road,” witness Stephen Thoya said, according to an Associated Press story. “I was shocked at first, and when I tried to get a closer look, the dog ran through the fence and disappeared along a dirt road.”

Two children later heard the baby crying and alerted their parents. The baby was found cuddled next to Mkombozi and the puppy.

Jean Gilchrist, of the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals, told the Associated Press that Mkombozi was possibly trying to care for the baby since most of her puppies had died. The last puppy died shortly after the baby was discovered.

“She reckoned it was a young animal and possibly wanted to bring it up,” Gilchrist said. “It is something to do with the canine-human bond. Other dogs might have just left her there to die … She’s obviously a very special dog.”

Both Mkombozi and the baby were adopted into loving homes.

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