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Samsung Pulls Ad Showing Abuse of ‘Puppy’ Laptops

samsung puppy adSamsung is in the doghouse after it was forced to remove a disturbing new ad that compared a laptop to a puppy. According to Mashable.com, the “Don’t Give Up on Puppy Love” ad was for Samsung’s line of solid state drives and depicted a series of frustrated laptop users abusing their “puppies.”

The ad, which was made by The Viral Factory, superimposed a 3D animated dog onto a Samsung laptop and then showed several users attacking the “puppy.” The laptop puppies were harmed in a variety of ways, including being thrown off a cliff, pummeled with a high-heeled shoe and shot with an arrow.

Although the laptops don’t depict actual puppies, the images and sounds of screaming puppies invoked disturbing what-if scenarios for dog lovers, many of whom have rescued or adopted their dogs from bad situations and would hate to see their dog thrown off a cliff or attacked by a high heel.

Near the end of the commercial, one laptop user takes pity on the “puppy” he’s abandoning at the junkyard, so he proceeds to take it back home and install a Samsung solid state drive in him. The “puppy” and owner are then happy again, and a caption at the bottom of the screen reads, “love me again.”

CNET.com reported it was contacted by Alex Micu of The Viral Factory, who said, “We’ve made the decision to make the video private because it was clearly upsetting some people.”

The Viral Factory and Samsung are reviewing the situation. We’re not sure why Samsung didn’t raise any red flags before the ad went public since solid state drives are data-storage devices, and we don’t know how Samsung thought abusing laptop “puppies” correlated to its product.

The video has since been taken down from YouTube, but you can view screenshots of it below.

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