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12-Year-Old Chihuahua Rescued From Trash Pile

chihuahua thrown in trashLast week, someone locked a 12-year-old Chihuahua in a cage and left her on a trash pile in Lake County, Fla.

Fortunately the little dog was rescued by a good Samaritan who got to her before the garbage truck did.

The Chihuahua, who has been named Queenie, had a tumor and was missing teeth. She was taken in last weekend by Elfie’s Refuge, a nonprofit in Brooksville, Fla., that provides shelter and hospice care to small dogs that are blind, disabled or terminally ill.

Elfie’s Refuge Director Barbara Rodriguez told the Orlando Sentinel that despite Queenie’s ordeal, the Chihuahua was still very “lively and happy. Just as cute as she can be.”

Queenie likely would have been euthanized at the county animal shelter. “A lot of people look at that and think, That’s going to be expensive, and maybe she won’t live that long,” Rodriguez told the Sentinel.

But dozens of people expressed interest in adopting Queenie. Yesterday WFTV reported that she has found a new furever home.

“We do home visits. We go and check out the home to make sure it’s what they say it is,” Rodriguez told WFTV. “We will be absolutely positive that it’s a great home.”

Authorities are looking for the person(s) who dumped Queenie. The crime is especially heinous since cages for unwanted animals are available outside the county animal shelter 24 hours a day.

“It’s shocking that someone would do it. It’s not isolated. It does happen. More often than you’d like to believe,” Master Deputy Cathy Griggs with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office told WFTV.

In New Jersey last year, a starving Pit Bull later named Patrick was put in a trash bag and shoved down a garbage chute. The case drew international attention and inspired a law for stricter animal abuse penalties.

Anyone with information about the Queenie case is asked to call 352-343-2101.

PHOTO: Lake County Animal Services

Laura Goldman

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@ilovedogsinc What a sad story. Thanks for your work in helping to spread positive adoption stories. #weloveourpets


@armarkos Thank you for your kind words. We really appreciate it.