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New Scientific Research Shows Why Small Dogs Live Longer Than Large Dogs

large dogHere at i Love Dogs, we love dogs of all breeds and sizes, and have long heard countless stories of small, teacup dogs outliving their larger counterparts. Currently, a new study from the University of Göttingen in Germany has confirmed that small dogs do scientifically outlive larger-breed dogs.

According to NBC News, large dogs age at a faster rate than smaller dogs, thus dying at an earlier age. Researchers found that a small, 9-pound toy Poodle can live up to 14 years while a large, 155-pound Great Dane will only live seven years.

To come to their results, the researchers at the university analyzed the lifespan of 74 breeds of dogs and compiled the results with data from more than 56,000 dogs who had visited veterinary teaching hospitals.

The University’s Cornelia Kraus told LiveScience: “Their lives seem to unwind in fast motion.”

The researchers found that not only do large dogs age at a faster rate, but the speed at which the risk of death increased with age was greater in larger dogs than smaller ones. The general formula the researchers put together was a loss of one month of life for every increase of 4.4 pounds in the body-mass spectrum.

During their study, the researchers also found that large-breed dogs suffer from canine cancer more often than smaller ones, because of their size, large dogs have more cells that can become abnormal and cancerous. This finding led the research team into taking a more in-depth look at the health history of large dogs.

“This research should be feasible in dogs, since I found that dog people in general seem very open, interested in and interested to contribute to research on their favorite species,” Kraus told LiveScience.

In the past, it’s been shown that large-breed dogs are susceptible to a range of health problems, including joint cartilage erosion, hip dylsapsia and arthritis.  If your large dog is suffering from joint problems, you may want to try supplementing his diet with our natural Glucosamine & Chondroitin with Green Tea and Reishi.

PHOTO: Takashi Hososhima


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