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Ohio Kidnapping Victim Adopts Captor’s Dog

poodle-terrier mixGina DeJesus, who was found alive last month in a Cleveland, Ohio, house where she’d been held against her will for nearly a decade, has decided to adopt one of her captor’s dogs, a Poodle-terrier mix named Lola.

When Ariel Castro was arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape, his three small dogs were taken to Cleveland Animal Control and then to Dogs Unlimited Rescue in Pepper Pike, Ohio.

DeJesus, along with fellow kidnapping victims Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight, were given the opportunity to adopt any of the dogs. Only DeJesus accepted the offer. 19 Action News reports that her attorney picked up Lola on Friday.

According to Fox 8 News, DeJesus, who was 14 when she was kidnapped by Castro in 2004 as she walked home from school, had formed a bond with Lola. Castro would reportedly let the women play with his dogs, and would take the dogs away as punishment.

Castro treated his dogs much better than his victims, who were chained, sexually abused and beaten.

“They are very nice dogs, well behaved,” Cleveland Dog Warden John Baird told the Plain Dealer. “They’re all healthy and easy to get along with…they run up and are friendly to people, and they get along well with each other.”

The other two dogs, Drake, a Shih Tzu mix and Dina, a Chihuahua, will be available for adoption later this month from Dogs Unlimited Rescue.

PHOTO: Rachel329 (That’s Bosco, a Poodle-terrier mix)

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