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WTD? Pro Athletes Are Using Twitter to Rehome Their Dogs

Kendrick Perkins bulldog sold on TwitterKendrick Perkins, a pro basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, has apparently started a rather disturbing trend. Last week he used Twitter to rehome his unwanted Bulldog, and since then, two other professional athletes have done the same thing.

It started on June 18, when Perkins tweeted, “Hey I have a English bulldog and he to big to be around my youngest child he 10 months got his papers and he got a micro chip.”

A minute later, he tweeted, “We paid about 3,000 for him but its not the money we want to sell him for 1,500 but we will work with you just want a good home for him.”

And then, “I just don’t want to sell him but we don’t have time for him taking bids now.”

He posted two photos of the nameless dog with an adorable underbite and tweeted, “Do anybody wants him seriously he needs to be gone by tomorrow.”

Perkins’ desperation paid off – less than a half hour later, he tweeted, “They dog sold yall.”

Apparently inspired by Perkins’ swift success in unloading his dog, Anthony Davis, a football player with the San Francisco 49ers, took to Twitter to do something about his own unwanted Bulldog.

“Anybody want a 4month old English Bulldog puppy? Free. Just don’t be mean to him,” Davis tweeted Monday. A few minutes later, he added, “You’ve gotta be in the Bay Area & can pick him up from San Jose today.”

Just like Perkins, Davis’ dog had a new owner within half an hour. “He found a good home. His new dad is a bad ass,” he tweeted.

Today another pro football player – Isaiah Stanback of the Jacksonville Jaguars – tweeted an Instagram photo of his two dogs with the caption, “Hurts to have to post this. My family and I are looking for a good home for our 5yr old full of energy Rottweiler and 4yr old low key sweet bullmastiff. We unfortunately are at a busy point in our lives and aren’t able to give them the time they need and deserve…”

Okay, professional athletes, it’s time to put an end to this. Just because someone follows you on Twitter doesn’t mean they’re going to be a good, er, “bad ass,” pet parent to your dog. Since you all seemed to be in quite a hurry to get rid of your dogs, it’s doubtful you spent time doing a background or home check on the strangers who now have them.

If, like Perkins’ Bulldog, all of your dogs were purebred, you could have easily contacted the breeders, who could find safe new homes for them. Or, since we know each of you makes a gazillion dollars, you might have donated some of that to an animal rescue organization, which could have helped you find responsible new owners.

And, finally, dogs aren’t some kind of accessory to be dumped when you no longer have the time or interest to care for them.

We wish these four dogs the very best of luck in their new, hopefully forever, homes.

PHOTO: @KendrickPerkins Twitter

Laura Goldman

Laura Goldman is senior social media writer for i Love Dogs, Inc. She does love dogs. And elephants and turtles. Along with writing about the loves of her life, Laura likes to play with her two pound pups and tell anyone who'll listen just how awesome Pit Bulls are.

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I would have LOVED to have one of the bullies given away.   We had one given to us and he was our constant buddy.  My husband is a double amputee and I am 67 years old and getting down in my back more each day.  We lot our baby about 7 months ago to old age and we have been completely lost without "Oscar".   He went everywhere with us.  Even to church weather permitting him waiting in the car with his food and water until we were out.    If anyone knows of an English Bulldog that someone is needing a GOOD home for please keep us in mind.  We cannot afford to buy one.   We take excellent care of our pets.   We have a parrot that thinks he is our son. LOL    Oscar never knew he was a dog.   He joined us at  each meal like one of the kids and went everywhere we went.  The day he finally passed away he had just come home from a trip to town with us.   He loved to go with us.  My husband would stay in the car with him so he could go with us.  PLEASE if anyone knows of a bully for free keep us in mind.   Thank you and God bless. 



I have little or no respect for most pro athletes, and these seem to be among the lowest of the low.




My facebook account is patty k back and you can reach me through there if you come up with a new baby for us.