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Rescued Pit Bull Mix Rescues Foster Dad Suffering Heart Attack

Chuck Weintraub and hero dog ChloeChloe had a very rough start in life. The Pit Bull mix had spent most of her puppyhood being abused and neglected, and suffered from a severe case of mange. All of that changed in April when she was fostered and nursed back to health by Chuck Weintraub of Cranberry Township, Penn.

Weintraub, who fosters dogs from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that timid Chloe was so traumatized from her past that she would cover her eyes with her paws in stressful situations “and pretend the world wasn’t there.”

But last week, Chloe overcame her shyness in a really big way to rescue the man who had rescued her.

While mowing his lawn July 3, Weintraub had a heart attack and collapsed. His two Golden Retrievers, who wear electric collars that react to an invisible fence around his yard, were unable to take action. Chloe, who was not wearing a collar (because, Weintraub said, he knew she would never leave his side), immediately bolted down the long driveway and across the street to neighbor Michael Brock’s house, where she started barking.

“The dog crossed the street and sat down. I followed her and it happened another four times coming up to his driveway,” Brock told wpxi.com.

Chloe – who previously wouldn’t even make eye contact with Brock – led him to Weintraub. Brock began giving Weintraud CPR and neighbor Charleen Deneen, a registered nurse, rushed over and performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The entire time, Chloe stayed close beside her foster dad, her face next to his.

“He was unresponsive and wasn’t breathing, but he did have a pulse,” Deneen told wpxi.com. “But Chloe is a miracle.”

Deneen told CBS Pittsburgh, “You see that in ‘Lassie’ movies, but that’s the first time in real life I’ve experienced something like that. And I think she’s just a gem.”

When Weintraub awoke from a medically induced coma in a hospital three days later, he told the Tribune-Review he was shocked that his scared dog had saved his life.

“It shows how much heart is in that dog and how much love,” he said. “I got into this to save dogs’ lives; she turned it around and saved mine.”

As much as Weintraub would like to be a “foster fail” and keep Chloe, he told the Tribune-Review that by doing so, he wouldn’t have room to continue fostering other dogs. “I’m struggling with it,” he said.

People commenting on news stories about Chloe’s heroic deed are unanimously urging Weintraub to adopt her. Hopefully there will soon be an update to this story, with the good news that Chloe will spend the rest of her life with the man whose life she saved.

Meet Weintraub and Chloe in this Trib Total Media video:

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Well done, Miss Chloe!  You are an asset to Pitties and Pittie Crosses everywhere!  Purrs & Headbonks -- The Feline Contingent


Mr. Weintraub, won't you please consider adopting Chloe?  She's proven she is an asset to you and your canine family. -- Debby Hanoka