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Police Save Dog Thrown in River With Brick Tied to Leg

dog thrown in Michigan riverOn the night of Aug. 26, someone tied a brick to the leg of a 2-year-old Lab mix and threw him in the Rouge River in Dearborn Heights, Mich., to drown.

After a passerby noticed him struggling to stay afloat, the dog was rescued by police officers.

“He’s just the kind of dog with a question mark over your head: Why would they do it to any being, and why would they do it to such a nice dog?” Dearborn Animal Shelter spokeswoman Sandy Boulton told the Detroit Free Press.

“It took the dog a couple of days to calm down from what I’m sure was a horrifying experience for him. He’s really a marvelous dog. He seems kind of easygoing.”

A $1,000 reward is being offered by the shelter to anyone with information leading to the arrest of whoever did this to the Lab mix, who has been named River by shelter staff.

“We just feel it could assist with getting someone from the public to step up for a tip or lead that might lead to the individuals involved in committing this cruelty act against this dog.” Boulton told WXYZ.

River is currently staying in a foster home while he’s being treated for heartworm. The shelter is paying for his medical expenses.

“This big baby is truly a gentle giant!” wrote Sharon Smigelski Williams, who is fostering River, on the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter Facebook page. “He knows many commands: sit, stay, down, shake a paw, etc., and he is housebroken. … He is a GOOD boy, especially after everything he’s been through, including a drain that’s been in place since he was neutered, and the cowl-type collar he has to wear. Some lucky family is going to get a WONDERFUL dog.”

River is expected to be available for adoption after he finishes his heartworm treatment.

In April, another Lab who’d been weighted down and tossed in an Indiana creek was rescued by Troy Jones, a Good Samaritan passing by who happened to see the dog’s nose sticking out of the water.

Anyone with information about River is asked to call the Dearborn Heights Police Department at 313-277-7408.

To make a donation to the Dearborn Animal Shelter, click here.

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