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Tips For a Dog Friendly Valentine’s Day

dog friendly valentine's day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The time to bake things that look good on Pinterest and be gifted with flowers and chocolates.

But as a pet parent, you might be wondering how to keep your dog from getting into trouble with Valentine’s treats and decor.

Here’s a handy guide for getting through Valentine’s Day safely when your pooch is around.


Keep Sweets Away from Your 4-Legged Sweetheart

As tempting as it may be, never let your dog eat any chocolate or lick the spoon while you’re baking treats.

It’s a good idea to read up on HOW TO Treat Your Dog For Chocolate Toxicity, so if your pooch does happen to get into that heart-shaped box of chocolates, you’ll know what to do.

Remember, even a little chocolate can be harmful for small dogs. Additionally, the fat and sugar can cause serious gastrointestinal issues, such as vomitingdiarrhea and even pancreatitis.

These Foods Are Not-So-Romantic for Dogs

If you’re planning on preparing a home-cooked Valentine’s meal for your special someone and your dog likes to eat table scraps, it’s best to avoid using ingredients such as avocados, mushrooms and tomatoes. Here’s a list of foods that are dangerous for dogs.

And while you may be in the mood to enjoy a glass of wine or pop open the bubbly on Valentine’s Day, be aware that alcohol can be toxic to dogs if they happen to sip from your glass.

Don’t want to leave your dog out of the food festivities? Try these recipes for Valentine’s Day treats for dogs.

Keep Candles Away from Wagging Tails

A plethora of flickering red candles may add to the romantic atmosphere in your home, but these can be very dangerous if your dog gets near them. Be sure to place them out of your dog’s reach, or use flameless candles instead.

“Besides the pain and suffering burned pets must endure, your entire family may be at risk if a pet knocks a candle over and causes combustion of flammable household materials,” warns i Love Dogs’ Ask a Vet, Dr. Patrick Mahaney.

Cords and Canines Don’t Mix

Stringing up some cute heart-shaped lights around the house? Remember that dogs like to chew things, and electrical cords lying around can lead to your dog getting shocked.

Prevent your dog from chewing the cords by keeping them hidden and off the floor. When you’re not at home, unplug them and put them somewhere safe.

We hope you and your furry sweetheart have a very happy and safe Valentine’s Day!

PHOTO: Jennifer Grimes

Amelia LeRutte

Amelia Lerutte is a public relations and social media expert, and a pack leader to a couple derpy Boston Terriers, a lovable Leonburger and a Keeshound. When not writing or promoting the i Love Dogs brand, Amelia is an avid NHL fan, ice hockey player and video gamer.

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